How do you know when your Kitchen is ready for a complete re-design and renovation?

Sometimes the answer to this question is very obvious, existing cabinets are old and falling apart, the design is poor and the space is dated and nonfunctional. However, sometimes it’s hard to justify a new kitchen when your cabinets are old, dated, but still in relatively good shape structurally.

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Here are a few things to consider when considering the kitchen renovation.


It’s time to replace appliances. This is a sign that your kitchen might be getting to the point where you need to make some changes. Depending on the age of your cabinets and the rest of the kitchen, when appliances start to be changed this is a good time to look at everything the whole picture. If you have built-in cabinets like a wall oven or a refrigerator with a surround side panel that fit that exact refrigerator it might be difficult to replace appliances especially refrigerators because they are larger and wider than they were 10 or 20 years ago. If you have a kitchen that was put in a while ago you might have trouble finding appliances that fit. Sometimes people try to start retrofitting Wind up in a position that they’re doing more work in the kitchen and I really wanted to. So this is the time to look at the age of your cabinets and you might want to consider replacing them at this point.


The layout of your kitchen is not working. Your kitchen layout will have a lot to do with whether or not your kitchen functions for you and your family. Saving old cabinets and making slight changes in upgrades in your kitchen still will not solve the problem of a poor layout. So I wouldn’t consider those smaller changes unless you really are happy with the existing layout. Changing the layout will allow you to have more functional space, more customized storage And it will be money well spent especially when you’re putting money into other upgrades in this area.


Your cabinets might be well-built but you don’t like the style, they are dated, and the storage doesn’t Function well. If your cabinets are old but are still in good shape, you like the style and the storage functions well, only then what I consider maybe just a professional paint job To update the look. However to paint all the wood cabinets properly still takes an enormous amount of prep work, and paintwork and should be done professionally, so if you don’t like the style and function of your cabinetry it might be best to consider replacing the cabinets.

Add rich color.


You are ready to expand the kitchen and improve the layout. To make this kind of improvement in a space that involves opening the kitchen up to an existing area of your home you are definitely looking at a total renovation of the kitchen. Many of the connecting areas floors ceilings etc. will be affected by this type of renovation to get the desired results changing the entire kitchen is always the best option.


You are ready for a big change. Kitchen renovation is one of the larger projects that you can do in your home. Many times and other areas are tackled first knowing that that kitchen area will be done in the future when the time for a kitchen renovation finally comes if you really want to get it done right. Working with a designer to create a well-designed space flexes your taste, and implementing it with a quality craftsman provides you the results that you’ve been dreaming about for many years.


You are spending more time cooking meals at home, and your kitchen isn’t really functioning for the new demands of meal prep cooking and storage of pantry items. In the last year or so the lifestyles of everyone have shifted, spending more time at home cooking at home entertaining at home working from home right now I’ll be the new norm. It’s not here for all of the activities. Creating space and flow in your kitchen can be done with a complete renovation, Depending on the size of your space the configuration of the adjoining room, and of course your budget, improvements can be made to reflect your new lifestyle and the demands that you are making from your kitchen space.


You have a realistic budget and a realistic idea of what a project like a complete design and renovation will cost. The only way to know what your project costs is to know exactly what you would like to build, a design showing all of the details will help you to actually quote the project. Looking at renovation costs on your favorite reality show or doing an internet search for average renovation costs will not get you an accurate idea of what your project costs. Deciding exactly every detail of the project and working with the pros to design your kitchen will allow you to accurately estimate the costs of the project.

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