Read testimonials from very satisfied clients. At Designs By Gia, we want every individual project to accurately reflect our customers style & preferences.

The best place to start is trying to illustrate the project I hired Gia to accomplish. Visualize a mountain or a 1923 Italian Renaissance 7,000 sqft home in New England and my first ever renovation project! I love working with Gia, her knowledge of project best practices, knowledge of materials, her vision, her commitment, her customer service, (just to name a few important qualities), made hiring Gia the best decision I’ve made in tackling this long term, fifteen room renovation project, while continuing to live in the home.
Thus far we have started and completed two rooms, our living room and my daughter Ashley’s bedroom. Gia spent some time, with Ashley, discussing what she envisioned. Gia absolutely hit the nail on the head the first go around, Ashley’s face upon seeing the conceptual drawings was priceless. Everything from the wallpaper, the trim paint, furnishings, area rug were all perfectly matched for the space and Ashley.

Gia comes highly recommend and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her.

Mike Hatzopoulos

Gia is an amazing designer, project manager and problem-solver. She listened well to what our vision was for our home renovation projects (there have been many!). The end result is our 90 year-old home is updated tastefully, functionally and in a manner that keeps to its original design. Gia clearly communicated the time-line for every project, followed through with contractors and ensured products were delivered and installed properly. Whenever we are considering a project for our home, our first step is to call Gia!

Veronica Guay

We reached out to Designs By Gia when we were in a design crisis, We had ordered furniture and flooring but had difficulty choosing a paint color. Gia was kind enough to fit us in her schedule before work to guide us through the process. She helped us choose the paint color, trim color and floor plan layout. She provided the steps to complete the design such as the area rug, curtains, lamps and accent pieces. The project came together beautifully and the paint color was absolutely perfect. She left us with many recommendations and ideas; she went beyond the scope of our requests. We highly recommend Designs by Gia for projects large and small.

Kyle and Patti Bourque

Gia and her team are top notch professionals! Gia came up with a beautiful interior design plan for our living, dining and kitchen area. She picked up on our style immediately. The colors, textures and scale of everything was nothing short of perfect!

Her crew did some tiling of our backsplash in the kitchen. Ivan and his crew were perfectionists and did a professional job.

It was a professional job all around.

Terry Walsh

“My husband and I recently retired and had decided to stay in our home rather than relocate as some of our friends had done. We had the house built about thirty-two years ago and it has the space we need and the layout that we love as well as a very convenient location. We had updated all of the rooms and the yard over the years and we felt it was “home”. We did, however, avoid one remodeling job. That was the bathroom. Although it is the smallest room in the house, redoing it required many craftsmen and many decisions. After visiting Lowes, Home Depot and multiple home shows, we realized why we had avoided it. It was too daunting of a project for us to tackle. I suggested to my husband that we contact Gia, who was a friend of mine from the gym. He agreed and I e-mailed her and she responded promptly…always a good sign! We set up an appointment to meet with her so that she could look over our space and ask us about our vision. A few days later, she returned with a very professional plan for our outdated and dark bathroom. We decided to go ahead and so she arrived a few days later with a general contractor, an electrician, a woodworker and a plumber. Having all of these craftsmen and Gia in our house simultaneously was nothing short of a miracle to us! They looked over the project, left to work on some numbers and Gia returned a few days later with a quote. We went with it…

Destruction and construction began within a month or so and we were amazed at the professionalism and precision with which Gia and her band of merry workers attacked our space! Gia kept us informed daily as to what to expect to be done and who would be doing it. It was tantamount to a lovely dance! Everything was coordinated by Gia and executed by the crew. All we had to do was wait. What came to be our new bathroom is absolutely beyond our expectations! We wanted a “spa” feel to the room and that is exactly what we have. One friend who saw it said it looked like it should be at the Four Seasons Hotel. That about sums up the finished product…something worthy of a five star rating!

Both my husband and I would highly recommend Designs by Gia for any project that you have in mind. She is truly amazing!”

“Gia came into our home looked at our color pallet and had all the answers we needed to finish our space. She is very personable, professional and creative. She just knew our style, had all the right connections and got the job done. I’ve recommended her several times and would be more than happy to work with her again. Give her a call…you’ll be glad you did!”

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity
Michele Comeau

“I am the owner of Stone-Ladeau Funeral Home, Winchendon, MA. In 2009, we enlarged our chapel as part of major renovations to the funeral home. We realized that we needed an interior designer and called Gia. Within an hour, she had the colors, rugs and draped selected, with the help of my wife. Her vision and direction on how to proceed were incredible. She stayed with the project until the very end. The response to our renovations has been very positive from the families, whom we serve.

We are very grateful to Gia for her time, effort and professionalism. Anyone, who selects Gia, for their work, will be most satisfied.”

Doug Stone, Stone-Ladeau Funeral Home, Winchendon, MA

“Designs by Gia transformed my home into a warm, inviting sanctuary for my busy family. Gia uses creative insight to beautify homes and businesses while considering personal styles and project-improvement budgets. I highly recommend Gia and her professional team for anyone looking to personally customize a living or corporate space.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Teri Cooper: Hired Gia as a Interior Design in 2007, and hired Gia more than once.

“We worked with Gia on a kitchen design project and were very satisfied. Gia is professional, responsive, and employs a highly competent support staff. Her ability to manage the entire project and keep us from the “fray” was greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Gia for any renovation project.”

Carla Roy

“Gia Milazzo Smith is an outstanding interior decorator and designer. Whether you simply need advice on color palettes or need an entire redesign including construction and carpentry, Gia can pull the project together. While she isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty (I’ve never seen anyone cut in around crown moldings the way she does – no tape, no mess), her greatest strength is in her intuitive understanding of what it takes to make a space simply work. Colors, arrangements, and even new construction combine to transform spaces into great place to be. Her particular understanding of 18th and 19th century color and design are complimented by a growing portfolio of more modern projects. Gia is the first person on my list when I need to decide on a paint scheme; just can’t get a room together; or, more recently, need a party decorated, coordinated, and catered. I strongly recommend Gia for any of your design needs.” September 9, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Christopher Dawson: Hired Gia as a Interior decorating in 2002, and hired Gia more than once

“Originally we hired Designs by Gia to choose the colors and materials for our new office and we were very happy the results. More recently, we hired Gia to decorate our conference room. She did an excellent job from beginning to end. From presenting her ideas, implementation of the project, and coming in on budget, her work was top notch and we would highly recommend her company.” July 7, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creative
Mark Smith: Hired Gia as a Interior Decorating in 2009, and hired Gia more than once

“Gia is a collaborative team partner. She brings positive, insightful and client oriented energy to a project. Her strength lies in her ability to listen to a clients needs and provide quality oriented design responses.” July 2, 2010

Paul Attardo, Architect, Van Dam Architecture & Design

“Gia has an eye for interior design like no other person I know. She has assisted me at multiple times in picking out colors that are appropriate for their environment. I have used Gia for my home and my office and she has performed extremely well in both environments. I have also seen some of the amazing window treatments that she has done and spoken with a number of her clients who are also very pleased. I will continue to hire Gia for all facets of interior design.” May 19, 2008

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative
Matt Ward: Hired Gia as a Interior Designer in 2004, and hired Gia more than once