Seasonal Decor

res_585198996 (2)Thinking back to the events you’ve attended, you will find that some stand out in your memory, while others fade away, or are remembered for what they lacked rather than what they delivered. Due to the time sensitive nature of seasons and events, the old adage about getting one chance to make an impression holds true.
With the right planning and a dedicated design team, an event can be so much more than successfully navigated. It can bring families and friends closer, foster bonding, motivate staff and become a cherished memory.

We can transform your home or business into a winter wonderland for the holidays, design the perfect dinner party, or ensure that your bridal shower or wedding is an unforgettable experience. We can outfit your store to encourage foot traffic, sales or interaction, create a moving and motivating business conference or sales meeting or craft a relaxing and inspirational benefit.

Designs by Gia will take care of every detail, allowing you to focus on the smooth running of the activity, while we provide a visual and atmospheric journey for your guests.

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