Transforming A Bad Architectural Feature

Sometimes a home has great bones and a great floor plan, but somewhere along the line architectural features were added that don’t make sense for the home and were certainly not a great choice for the space.

home header image Transforming A Bad Architectural Feature
This is the case with many of our projects, such as a fireplace feature at one of our projects. The home lent itself to a much more contemporary style with its open floor plan, angular walls, and a double-sided fireplace.
Add rich color.
However, the home’s previous owners added lots of traditional woodwork that stopped and started in strange places and didn’t fit the home. This woodwork did not enhance this fireplace, which was the first thing seen upon entering the home.

I wanted to turn this fireplace into a focal point enhancing the space with the correct proportions and style for this home. In this circumstance, the fireplace wrapped around to the next room. So I decided to use tile to create texture and interest in this whole boxed-in fireplace area. This makes everything visually interesting, even from the side of the fireplace, which is seen from the front door.

When dealing with odd architectural features here are a few things to consider:


Can this architectural feature be eliminated entirely? Would this improve the space? What else would need to be changed in order to eliminate this feature?


Can this feature be designed into something that is pleasing for the space?


Does this feature have the potential to become an engaging focal point?

Add rich color.

In the case of this double-sided fireplace project, it fell into the focal point category and the right design decisions transformed the entire living space.

Read some of our testimonials to see how we helped others transform their living spaces into beautiful show pieces.

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