The Benefits Of A Long Term Relationship With An Interior Designer

The interior design of someone’s home requires a very personal element. As designers, we strive to make our clients happy and to create spaces that are very personalized to our clients, their needs, and their lifestyles. To do our job properly, we get to know our clients, and we spend time in their homes. We meet their families, learn their pets’ names, and invest in those client-designer relationships.

Over the years of designing spaces for many clients, I can say that one of the real benefits of a long-term relationship with an interior designer is that over time a designer learns about your likes, dislikes, and how your home functions, and your tastes. Very beneficial to clients, especially as life brings on numerous changes that require changes to your home; this could involve adding a new family member, changes in stage of life, or even moving to a new home, or adding an additional home.

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The Benefits Of A Long Term Relationship With An Interior DesignerThis client-designer business relationship usually only improves over time. I love when I hear from a client who has used our services before or has implemented some of my suggestions and has now called upon me to help with additional projects. Seeing a home develop, even over a long period, is very rewarding to me as a designer. What’s even more rewarding is seeing how the home changes improve my clients’ lifestyles. I have recently been reflecting on this as I recently heard from several established clients who are buying new homes and are calling on me to develop a design for their new homes.

Here are some of the benefits of establishing a long-term relationship with the designer.

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Your designer knows your taste, dislikes, and likes, which will be reflected in any additional projects that are worked on in the future. This requires less of the homeowner’s time, time that could be spent elsewhere. For busy professionals, active parents, or clients that like to travel, this is very important.


When completing a project with a client, a very familiar designer and your home can continuously help you improve your space by keeping an eye out for specific pieces and design elements that will help you reach your design goals. I love when I am sourcing an item for a project and then stumble upon just the right piece of furniture or artwork for another client. As I always have my clients and projects in mind, this could be an added benefit that continues for my clients even after a project completes.


The designer who provides a full-service element has contacts with numerous craftsmen. Clients often reach out to me for assistance when trying to complete a simple project. For a client with which I’ve had a long-term relationship, I often can facilitate craftsman much quicker than a client can do on their own. Especially when my craftsman has previously worked on a project in this home. My craftsmen are familiar with the systems in their home and can help resolve simple issues efficiently should they come up for a client involving other issues in their home.


You develop an element of trust due to past projects. When you trust that your designer is looking out for your best interests to design and implement your projects, the designer trusts the homeowner to communicate their needs and honor their part in the business relationship. This creates a very successful and low-stress experience for everyone.

Creating a new design for a client we have previously designed for can be a much easier process. We know the space, we know the client, we are familiar with the existing conditions in the home and familiar with the client’s furnishings and overall goals for their home.

This is a great time to reach out and thank all of my long-term clients whom we have serviced for many years. As usual, we appreciate your business, and we value these incredible relationships.

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