The Art Of 'Styling' Accessorizing Your Space

In the design world, the word used for accessorizing a finished space is styling. One of the final layers in the design process is selecting accessories and placing them into the finished room. These pieces help bring a completed space to life, adding interest, texture, color, and personality.

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Selecting accessories and carefully deciding on placement can be easily overlooked in the scope of a large project. Many homeowners find that even after seeking the help of a designer for the entire renovation or build project to tackle the accessorization of the space on their own.

As much as this can seem like a fun undertaking at first glance, the amount of skill and time this process can take can easily be drastically underestimated. In the end, you might do an ok job of it, but after investing in professional design services for the bulk of the project, why not have the designer complete the styling as well?

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Here are some reasons why it would be a benefit to have your designer style your newly designed and renovated space:

Knowledge of scale and proportion

Your designer has a thorough knowledge of scale and proportion which allows them to easily mix and match accessories, knowing what items will work and what items won’t. This will save you hours of time searching and returning items when you realize they are not quite right for the space. Your designer can do this efficiently in a much smaller amount of time.

Access to vendors

They also have access to numerous vendors to source accessories both retail and “to the trade.” They will know where they can find certain accessories quickly and easily. This knowledge is just what you’re looking for. It’s half the battle when styling your completed space.

Style Knowledge

Styling is not just about selecting the right items, but knowing exactly where to place them in the space to create an overall cohesive look. This is where a designer excels. The goal of styling a completed space is to put the finishing touch on the overall design, knowing what areas to focus on and what areas to draw the eye to. Styling also allows us another opportunity to infuse the homeowner’s personality into the space.

Add rich color.

Designers are intimately familiar with all of the details in your design. For instance, the curved edges of a tile or the small gold trim on a lamp, because they designed the space in its entirety. Your designer will be able to make selections for accessories to coordinate nicely with the details of your room and will know which design details to highlight and which design details to complement your space to create an entire composition.

When a designer styles your finished space, it helps to create an overall professional look. The reason you hire a designer is to create an overall professional look. Having your designer complete your project to the very end, adding those final details, will give you that professionally finished look. Those small details can make or break the final look of the completed space.

Discuss styling and accessorizing options with your designer before your renovation so that styling items can be ready to go at the completion of your renovation project.

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