Renovation Planning

renovation planning - elm renovation project by Designs by GiaRenovating your home can seem like a daunting task. Where should you start? Is there someone to reach out to for help? Is there someone who can provide you with advice? Designs by Gia, located in Princeton, MA is the perfect call to make when you are in the initial stages of renovation planning.

What are the steps I should take when renovation planning for my home?

Here are a few recommended steps to get you started.

Have a detailed home improvement project plan

The first step you should take when considering renovation planning is to meet with a designer to discuss your wants, needs and desires. Once completed, they can manipulate the proposed space for renovation through detailed drawings and elevations. This will help the designer develop an accurate quote for the project with the build team of your choice.

Set a budget for your project

The second step is to set a budget for your renovation planning. To begin this step, speak with your designer about the budget you have in mind during your initial meeting. This will help them develop a scope of work that fits your budget expectations. After they have completed your design, they can prepare an actual project quote with this in mind, and the home’s current condition.

Research and hire your contractors for the project

The third step in renovation planning is researching and hiring your contractors. When you are working with a design and build firm, such as Designs By Gia, our build team can prepare a detailed quote for you once the design phase is complete. If you choose to use your own contractors, chose them based on their experience with your type of project, years in business and client recommendations. It is incredibly important to make sure your contractor is licensed and insured in your state.

Have a timeline

The fourth step in completing your renovation planning is to have a timeline for your project. Once you have put your budget and team together, it’s time to decide on a start date. Be sure to sit down with your contractors and determine the time it will take to complete each portion of the project. Look at steps of the remodel that will need to be completed first, how long they will take and which portions of the project they can complete concurrently. Also, reach out to the design and build team or contractor at least 8 months before when you would like to start your project. This will allow the lead time necessary to order materials and be sure the proper tradespeople are available for the project.

Pack up and prepare for your home renovation

The final step in renovation planning is to pack up and prepare for your home renovation. You should be near the end of planning and entering the phase of prepping the space. You should be ready to consider this room “out of order,” for as long as the renovation lasts. Living in your home while the work is being done depends on the type of work that is being done. Is it a major renovation or just a room? Can you go about everyday activities while the work is being done or will you need to make alternative plans? These are all great questions to ask when considering what to do.

Having a plan is a wonderful way to begin a renovation project. It will help make the project a success. Contact Designs by Gia and schedule a consultation if you need help to develop your renovation planning.