Modern Bathroom

Modern Bathroom in Princeton, MassachusettsThe modern bathroom has moved front and center for many people interested in updating and re-energizing their homes. No longer an uninspiring space relegated to just personal hygiene, the modern bathroom is becoming a place of contemplative personal space – a sanctuary that enables one to relax, rejuvenate, and get ready to face the world again.

Some of the trends in modern bathrooms this year include:

  • More — and more practical — storage
  • Elegant styles with creative and original features
  • Open, multifunctional showers featuring steam systems and integrated benches
  • More spa-like, relaxation-focused designs
  • Industrial design themes with more metal, brick, and concrete floors
  • More technology

The contemporary bathroom, in many cases, is trending to smaller, more efficient, more creative spaces. The secret to making small bathrooms comfortable, and not cramped, is the efficient use of available real estate. Every inch must be put to good use. Freestanding single-person tubs are gaining popularity. Smaller but artfully designed toilets and smaller, uniquely designed sink bowls are also beginning to make a presence in the modern bathroom. Colors and textures are ranging from the ever-popular neutral styles with organic undertones, to darker tones, and bold accent walls and floors.

More shelving than cabinets; open, walk-in showers; and floor-to-ceiling glass are all interior design features being used to make the most of small, modern bathroom spaces. Features such as floating vanities and large tiles help to create a more expansive atmosphere.

Modern bathroom design themes are embracing wide-ranging aesthetics – from elegant to industrial. Ceramic and marble are popular in the modern bathroom, along with a more industrial look featuring polished concrete floors and more metal-accented features.

Technology is appearing more, and in a variety of ways, in contemporary bathrooms. Mirrors with LED lighting, taps with motion detectors, and digital temperature regulators are all features growing in popularity. To create a more inviting, relaxing environment, many homeowners are turning to in-bathroom sound systems and Bluetooth technology to bring soothing or energizing music into the modern bathroom.

At Design by Gia, we’ll design and build a modern bathroom for custom-fit to your tastes and lifestyle. From flooring, countertops, fixtures, custom cabinetry, and lighting, we’ll surround you with a look and feel that will suit you perfectly.