Interior Decorator and Interior Designer

Interior Decorator and Interior DesignerInterior decorator and interior designer services abound in New England and the Northeast, with design aesthetics ranging from sophisticated metropolitan to authentic rural Americana. But it’s not often you’ll find one who’s influenced by great art and has extensive experience and expertise in building design and construction.

An exceptional interior designer not only has impeccable decorating sensibilities, but understands the architectural framework that will influence and showcase the interior design elements. Gia Milazzo Smith, a world-class interior decorator and interior designer, is just such a designer and decorator.

Designs by Gia provides comprehensive interior decorator services, including:

  • Material and color consultation
  • Complete room design
  • Fabric and furniture recommendations
  • Comprehensive layout and space allocation plans

Gia has 20 + years as an interior designer. What makes her truly unique as an interior decorator and designer, though, is that she easily and intuitively integrates her family roots in remodeling and construction with her informed insights into interior design and decoration. This natural combination flavors each and every one of her remarkable home and office remodeling projects. So if you’re looking for an exceptional interior decorator and interior designer for Princeton, Massachusetts, Gia Milazzo Smith and Designs by Gia should be high on your list.

As an expert interior designer for all of New England, Gia approaches every project with a trained and highly attuned eye for detail. Her interior design projects can include everything from construction material and color consultation to fabric, furniture, layout and space allocation plans.

Gia focuses on achieving a natural, holistic balance between creative expression and quality construction for every remodeling and renovation project, no matter how large or small. She believes that when you surround yourself with good design and style, you intrinsically feel better about yourself and life in general.

A skilled interior decorator and designer and highly-experienced, professional construction contractor, Gia delivers exceptional home and office remodeling and renovation projects. Her work delivers real value and helps her clients achieve a personal peace and harmony through interior decorating and design that matches their lifestyles perfectly.

So for expert design, renovation, remodeling, and decorating that will deliver years of rich and satisfying enjoyment of your home or work environment, look to the highly respected and sought after interior decorator or interior designer  — Gia Milazzo Smith and Designs by Gia.