Home Renovation Project Manager

Home Renovation Project ManagerWhen you step into the world of home renovations, the task can feel daunting. It’s always a great idea to hire someone who has attention to detail and understands your style. When you hire Designs by Gia, located in Princeton, MA, as your home renovation project manager, you will have taken your best steps to making sure everything you want to accomplish turns out exactly as planned.

But what exactly does a home renovation project manager do? For Designs by Gia, I take a renovation project from the design stage all the way to completion. This means I work with my clients on a design, plan the construction, and work only with chosen contractors who I have worked with in the past. When you look to me as your home renovation project manager, you will have a great team with proven experience handling even the most complicated renovations.

If a situation arises mid-process, the team will be ready. Some of what we are always ready to handle are:

  • Finding unexpected plumbing or electrical issues in a wall.
  • Design changes needed to accommodate unexpected issues
  • All of the expected issues involved in ordering and delivering all products needed for your project

How do we address these situations? There are always issues which can not be spotted ahead of time. But, our team of experts attempt to do just that. We look to stay ahead of any issues by searching them out before the project even begins. A good home renovation project manager is involved in your project down to the last detail to ensure that even if an issue arises, it is dealt with quickly and properly.

When you hire Designs by Gia as your home renovation project manager here is what you can expect. I begin by meeting with you and do an on-site consultation. Next, after discussing your desires and goals for the renovation, I create a realistic conceptual design reflecting my recommendations for your space. Lastly, we get your approval for the design and project quote before moving forward into the construction phase to implement the ideas discussed in the previous steps.

I look forward to being your home renovation project manager, and transforming your home. Be sure to contact me, Gia Milazzo Smith at 508-847-6221, to schedule a consultation or if you have any further questions.