Designing And Furnishing Your Entire Home From Scratch

Many homeowners long for the day of being able to just start from scratch to design and furnish an entire space at once. However, you might find when you’re in the position to actually do this the task can be very overwhelming. You start to ask questions about the project.

  • What direction do you really want to go?
  • With so many things to purchase, what is best for your specific home?
  • Is it all right to mix different styles, or do you have to decide on one style and stick with it?
  • How do you create that high-end designer look of a curated space when buying all new pieces and doing it all at once?

There are so many options that you could wind up paralyzed and unable to make any decisions to move forward. This is the type of project—designing and furnishing your entire home from scratch—is where an experienced designer can be very valuable.

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Interior designers have the ability to visualize a completed space and can formulate a plan that will help you to achieve your goals. Whether you are building a new home or renovating and designing your current home, selecting finishes can be time consuming and complicated. A thorough knowledge of these materials and the installation process is necessary to avoid costly mistakes and create the desired results. Oftentimes, homeowners are forced to make decisions quickly and in the wrong order if construction is underway. This is not a great way to design a space and can lead to many regrettable decisions that are costly to change.
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When starting from scratch, it’s very easy to start purchasing items quickly and then realize that these items will not work in the overall plan. An experienced designer knows where to start in the design process and will prepare an entire design so that you can begin to visualize the result before purchasing costly items.

Having a thorough knowledge of proportion and scale is the most important skill needed to put together a beautifully designed space. This is something that experienced designers can bring to your project. Even if you have great taste and can choose things that are beautiful, they might not necessarily work with regard to proportion and scale. This is the main reason a lot of designs fall flat and don’t give the desired outcome in the end.

Another essential skill is knowing how to mix patterns, finishes, colors, furnishings, and textiles. This cannot be learned with a quick Google search. The look of a professionally designed space is something that is well planned with a lot of attention to these details.

Experienced designers know how to purchase and order furnishings, custom pieces, artwork, etc. They also know how to communicate with fabrication workrooms and select even the most intricate details when ordering such pieces. This is an area where a lot of expensive mistakes can be made by not knowing the proper process and deciding on design details by default.

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The implementation of furnishing an entire design of a home at once can be a very complicated process. It entails managing orders and deliveries from numerous vendors, as well as coordinating assembly, installations, and placement of items in a home filled with furnishings, accessories, artwork, area rugs, light fixtures, bedding, etc. Designers that do this regularly have systems and procedures in place to head off any common problems or issues. They do this by getting the correct details to the vendors that need them when they need them. This helps your project to be as successful as possible and will ensure the final results are spectacular!

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