Designing A Vacation Home

Designing a vacation home can be very exciting! However, challenges often arise as this property might be used differently than your main residence. The home might be used at certain times of the year, used by several people, and you might not be bringing existing furnishings to this house but starting with a clean slate. Here are some tips for designing an incredible vacation home.

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Vacation homes function differently than your main residence. Think about all of the things that will be happening in this new abode and how you want to live while you are here. 

Add rich color.

Think about how you want this house to function when you are here. Vacation homes can be designed to reflect your holiday lifestyle—encouraging relaxation, comfort, and rest. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself to influence its design:

  • Will you be entertaining here?
  • Will you be cooking meals daily or only once or twice a week?
  • Will you need some quiet workspace for that occasional Zoom call?
  • Will there be a television in this space?

All of these questions will help influence your design. They also help ensure you are creating a space that meets your unique needs while you are living in this home away from home.

Think about the home’s location. A beach house might have different design elements and needs than a cabin in the mountains that is used primarily in the winter. Utility impacts aesthetics.

Design your vacation home with the same amount of care that you would your main residence. When homeowners rush to furnish these spaces as quickly and efficiently as possible, they often miss out on the added design elements and luxury this new space gives them an opportunity to create. Take care to develop an overall plan before making random purchases to be sure the final results reflect your goals.

Add rich color.

We all have different sides to our personalities. Use this opportunity to explore design elements and styles that you have always wanted to use. See what works with the architecture of this place and explore the possibilities.

When renovating vacation homes, get advice from design professionals early in the process. A house’s unique elements or location might affect the process of renovation. Deliveries of building materials, furnishings, and appliances become more complicated based on the location. A professional designer will have experience with deliveries in unique or remote locations and know how to navigate this process quickly and efficiently.

Choose materials that reflect the type of maintenance that you would like to have in this home. Certain materials require more care and attention to maintain. Choose design details, finishes, products, and furnishings accordingly to create the type of vacation home that fits your desire and expectations for upkeep.

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