Design, Build, Renovation

Design, Build, RenovationIt’s not often you hear about a designer, in the truest sense of the word, working in the design, build, renovation industry. But Gia Milazzo is just such as person. As a true designer, Gia is bringing artistic sensibilities to architectural design, build, renovation for Princeton, Massachusetts.

After successfully navigating the challenges of the art and fashion worlds early in her career, Gia turned to creating beautiful living and working environments with her own Princeton, Massachusetts design, build, renovation firm. Offering complete design, build, renovation services, Designs by Gia provides an unparalleled high level of service, along with upfront pricing and a talented network of top-notch, skilled craftspeople specializing in design, build, renovation. She and her team are dedicated to making their clients fall in love with the unique environments they craft based on each client’s taste, interests, lifestyle, and preferences.

Design, build, renovation for Princeton, Massachusetts through Designs by Gia brings metropolitan sophistication to a relaxed, country setting. Gia was raised in a hard-working family of remodelers and was rolling up her sleeves and learning her craft at a very early age. She launched her Princeton, Massachusetts design, build, renovation firm over a decade ago and has spent years building close relationships with a wide range of quality resources; design, build, renovation tradespeople; and other professionals.

Designs By Gia Interior Design and Renovation provides complete renovation services, including:

  • Room and space design
  • Color and materials consultation
  • Expert construction
  • Complete project management

Gia’s full-service, custom approach to design, build, renovation project management starts with a complete understanding your space, needs, and preferences – whether it’s residential space such as a kitchen or bath design, or a working environment such as a home office or commercial suite. This enables her to create a unique, highly personal space that fits her clients’ tastes and needs like a glove.

If you’re looking for Princeton, Massachusetts design, build, renovation services, look no further than Designs by Gia.