Decorating Your Home's Exterior For Fall

The cool crisp fall air has moved into the area for those of us living in the northeast.

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The multicolored fall foliage display is proudly taking its position as the focal point of the new England landscape. Uniquely shaped gourds and a parade of multicolored pumpkins are showing up in every market, retail store, and farm stand.
Add rich color.

Do you suddenly have the urge to purchase every fall decor item you see, only to get them back home and find you are not sure how to display them? Or when you are done, you don’t get the desired results.

So, how do you decorate the exterior of your home for fall to create an impact?

Here are some tips:

  • Make a plan. Just like any other design project, it helps to have a plan before you make any purchases. If you are adding autumn decor to your home exterior, inspect the area first. Decide what area you would like to decorate and what would best enhance your home. Work with your home’s architecture and not against it.
  • Choose your color scheme. Look at the colors of your home and the surrounding landscaping. What fall color scheme would complement it best? It’s tempting to buy one of every color when purchasing things like potted mums, but you will get a bigger impact by choosing a few colors and sticking with your scheme.
  • Use multiples. A single pumpkin will look great if the size is proportioned to your home’s front door, but multiple sizes stacked together could be much more interesting.
  • Don’t forget the front door. Purchase or create an exciting Autumn wreath, but once again, remember that proportion and color are key. Don’t be afraid to use unusual materials to make your wreath unique.

Exterior seasonal decor is not a permanent design choice, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different items and placements until you like what you see.

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