6 Ideas That Can Spruce Up Your Powder Room Before Weekend Guests Arrive


Add Fresh Guest Towels

This sounds simple, but it can easily be overlooked. Many of us have had the experience of going into a bathroom at someone’s home and finding either no towels, toothpaste-covered towels, or old dirty hand towels. Adding clean, fresh hand towels and perhaps some decorative disposable hand towels can make your guest feel welcome. If you only have time to do one thing on this list, pick this tip! Your bathroom will always look better with clean, new, fresh towels.

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Add some fresh flowers.

You can add a small vase with a few fresh flower blossoms to even the smallest powder room. If there’s no room on the countertop, try adding a small vase to a small shelf, or if you have room in your bathroom for a small table, that could be a great spot for a few fresh flowers.

Add rich color.


Add a scented candle or diffuser to scent the space.

This is especially nice in the winter months. If you can’t get your hands on a few fresh flowers, there are many types of diffusers that could be decorative as well as adding a pleasant scent to your bathroom.


Change out your vanity mirror.

Most vanity mirrors aren’t correctly proportioned to the space. If you have a builders grade vanity mirror, adding a more decorative vanity mirror definitely upgrades the look of the bathroom. Choose a mirror that is well proportioned and works nicely with the existing decor. But you may have to work within your existing vanity lighting placement, if time is of the essence. If you have a little more time, you could look at vanity lighting options as well.

Add rich color.


Add some art.

A quick way to spruce up the look of your powder room is to add some artwork. This can give a bathroom a whole new feel. Artwork can really elevate the look of the space, especially in a small room.. If you have a bit more time, painting and wallpapering can totally transform a small bathroom. Don’t underestimate the simplicity or impact of a new piece of art on the wall.


Add a new rug.

A half bath or powder room can be a great space to explore unique design elements since it is a separate, often small space. But the ideas above will certainly give this space a quick upgrade. If you are looking for even more ideas, contact Designs by Gia today.

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