4 Tips To Work Family Photos Into Your Home Design

With quickly expanding technology putting so many of our family photos right at our fingertips on our cell phones, I’ve found that some of our favorite photos can get lost in the clutter of our apps. I love to see my favorite family photos a little more often, and I’m sure you do too. So, I love to include them in the decor of a home if they are meaningful to my clients when designing their spaces. Including personal memories and photos in your home will create added enjoyment and a special personal touch to your home.
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Many homeowners wonder, “How can I work family photos into my space with the rest of the room decor.”

Here are a few tips for adding family photos to your home in a way that complements your decor.

Add rich color.
Group photos together in the space.

I find that it’s always best to group family photos together somewhere in the space. Regardless of what the rest of the decor is, grouping family photos together on a wall or in frames on the table. This looks much more organized and intentional than hanging random photos throughout the area. A grouping also creates a bigger impact and balances out the other artwork or displayed pieces in the room. Your photo will feel more like an intentional decorative element this way.

Select specific photos.

When designing a space, if personal photos are going to be included, I ask my client to select a certain number of photos. I usually ask for an amount more than what we truly need so that we can make selections to create a great display. I have my clients select photos that are meaningful and special to them, and after these photos have been selected, I might take a look to see what makes sense as far as a grouping goes. I look for photos that are strikingly good together and complement each other. Photos that I know will look good compared to the size of the area we are working with, and that I know will complement the space.

Add rich color.
Enlarge photos.

Depending on the rest of the design, we might enlarge the chosen photos to be the same size and then display them in identical frames for a modern-looking photo grouping, or we might decide on selecting frames that are not identical but all the same color. This will create a very cohesive photo grouping.

When designing a space, I usually know from the creation of the design right where this family photo grouping will go. However, when you’re trying this yourself, simply pick a wall with some space, like a hallway wall, a living room wall, or even a stairway wall, and use that place to create a photo display.

You will usually need to enlarge these photos slightly larger than you might think to create the bulk needed for a photo display. Smaller photos displayed in this manner often take on a cluttered, confusing look, so the larger the photo, the better based on the amount of wall space and photos you have.

Create an interesting arrangement.

Try grouping a collection of photos from the same time frame or photo session. This can create a beautiful arrangement. There can be some thread that ties the photos together visually. Whether that is frame color, the subject matter, the style of photography, or even the color of the photo enlargement. For instance, a group of photos that are unrelated can be tied together visually if they’re all printed in black and white.

The important thing is that you select photos you love and then look at ways to make them work in your home.

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