4 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Paint Color

Choosing a paint color for a single room or an entire home can seem like a simple process. But in reality, it can be much more complicated than just choosing colors that you like or matching your color selection to other design elements. So many things should be considered before choosing a paint color that will help guide you to a final selection.
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A well-designed space is a space that is well thought out from start to finish, leaving nothing to chance.
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  • Figure out what else is going to go in this space. What furniture is going to be used in the space? What fabrics are being used in the space? What is the fabric on the furnishings?
  • What is the color scheme of the adjacent rooms? When choosing a paint color, the adjacent rooms should be considered. The entire home’s finished look should flow from one space to another. Choosing each room independently will lead to a very disjointed look when completed. All of the paint colors don’t have to be the same, but the entire home should be looked at as a whole when it comes to color scheme.
  • Resist the urge to copy colors from other spaces. Colors look and behave differently from space to space. An internet search for colors can lead you down a rabbit hole of endless color sampling, only to find out that in your home, the lighting, size of the space, and other design elements can change the look of the color you selected.
  • Decide what you are trying to accomplish. In most cases, a color selection and placement can be used as a tool to camouflage unattractive architectural elements or highlight others. When done by a professional, color and placement decisions are not random. They are done with a specific strategy. The results of these selections can either enhance the space or result in something lacking luster giving you mediocre results. If you don’t have the level of experience to confidently select your paint colors, you will not regret bringing in a professional to make the proper selections as part of an entire design for your space.

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