3 Steps To Ensure The Success Of Your Design Projects

Three steps to ensure the success of your design projects.

In my twenty-plus years in business within the interior design and renovation industry, I have seen a lot of different business models. Therefore, it can be difficult for homeowners to understand the process of an interior design firm if not clearly defined.

The interior design of a space can be a very complicated project. One which can seem to be oversimplified by television and social media. But keep in mind, the elimination of important steps in the process is an invitation for trouble.

3 Steps To Ensure The Success Of Your Design Projects
The more thorough and detailed the actual design plan is before construction begins, be it a renovation or a new build, the more successful the project will be. Most experienced designers understand the pitfalls of skipping steps during the design process, many of which can lead to issues and disappointment later.

Our process has been refined over time to provide each client a way to meet her individual design needs, as well as lead our clients through the process seamlessly. This process provides our clients with everything needed to create a complete design for their space, that we know will work in their home and will contain the information needed to be quoted and implemented properly.

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Step 1.

Our On-Site Consultation. This is the first time we see your home. We view your current design and discuss some of your thoughts, ideas, and frustrations about your space. Then we provide you with some general thoughts and ideas based on my many years of experience designing and renovating Homes. This initial visit is a valuable first step, as it could give you some much-needed insight as to the way you proceed with your project, the order in which you proceed with your project, and the direction of your overall space. We charge a flat fee for this appointment because we know we will offer some valuable insights into preparing your project. At this time, we will also provide you with information on preparing an actual Design Plan for your space if you desire to go to the next step.

Step 2.

We create a Design Plan. This is where we create an actual design for your space. As always, to get the best results in any design project, it is best to design an entire room or space at once. So this is what we advise our clients to do. Even if every item in the space will not be replaced, it’s best to have all items in the space be considered in the room while selecting new elements, making any architectural changes, or adding furnishings. Even if you are going to complete the project on your own over time, the design plan is a roadmap to guide you through the creation of a unified space.

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If you desire full service, which would be the implementation of the design. In that case, the design plan is crucial as it will provide a guideline for contractor quotes, budgeting, and allow you to visualize the space before items are purchased and finalized. All artisans and tradespeople are working off one set of documents, the design plan. The specific details within the plan will allow everyone to work off one unified document and streamline the process.

Step 3.

Option 1: We implement Your Design-Full Service. This is where the drawings, photos, and pages of your design plan come to life. This stage involves any necessary refining of the design selection, all the quoting and construction of your project, and ordering of all products needed. And then the coordination of all design details with tradespeople, scheduling, and delivery of all items, including furnishings, window treatments, and finishing details that are included in your final scope of work.

Here at Designs by Gia interior design, if we are implementing your project, we will bring in our team of artisans, builders, and tradespeople to complete your project seamlessly. In this stage of the project, I take on the role of project manager, ensuring that every detail of your project is complete with the highest attention to detail and quality. There are many benefits to having the designer of the space oversee the project from start to finish, the first being the consistency of the design vision and also the fact that details will be completed to the original design vision. Also, our relationships with the proper tradespeople and vendors for your specific project will ensure that you have the right team to implement your specific design successfully.

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We love to implement projects that we have designed. This is a great way to proceed if you desire full service and you want the best results.

Option 2: What if you love the design that we have completed for you, but you want to proceed on your own or with your own contractors and tradespeople?

Great. We set our process up so that you can do just that if you desire. Although we will not manage these projects for you since we only work with our own team, this places you in charge of managing your own project. But, we can be available as needed throughout the process for consultation with you or your chosen contractor. If the service is desired, we will prepare a Proposal for additional consulting services based on the needs of your individual project.

We have put great thought into the way we proceed with our projects, giving our clients the amount of service that they desire and need. The design and renovation process can be a minefield of expensive problems, unexpected issues, and delays. Developing this process for our clients is our way of guiding the project through this minefield of issues they might not be aware of, and keeping our clients on the road to a successfully finished space for their homes.

Let’s get the ball rolling, get in touch and schedule a consultation with Designs by Gia today.

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