Tips For Bringing A Coastal Feel To Your Decor

All of the elements that we as designers use to create a relaxed, coastal feel in a beautiful beachfront home can be used in any home.
You don’t need to live by the sea to create a coastal-inspired space.

Coastal Color Scheme

When designing a coastal property we develop our color scheme from nature, using only colors that you would see when looking out your beachfront home. Soft water colored hues reflective of the beach environment work best. As designers we do this to complement that incredible view, treating the view as if it were fine artwork.

You can bring these nature-inspired colors into your non-beach front home. Lots of whites, blues, greens, sandy tones can be used in various tones to create that relaxing tone of a coastal property. A classic navy blue and white color scheme is an easy way to create an instant coastal feel in your home.


Bring in Natural elements.

Bring in Natural elements.

Cotton fabrics, weathered wood, sisal, and seagrass carpets. Mixing in a few of these natural elements will help your space to have that coastal feel.

Let the light in
Design window treatments that let the light shine into the space. Coastal properties have an element of light that is hard to duplicate. But keeping your space filled with whatever natural light you have will give your space the look and feel of an inviting beachfront property.

Use nautical elements sparingly
Coastal homes that are well designed don’t necessarily scream with a nautical theme. Don’t feel as though you need to add nautical elements throughout the space, a little goes a long way. I few nautical images grouped on a wall

Simple lines
Use simple casual furniture with classic clean lines. Solid colors work better than busy patterned fabrics for larger furniture pieces. Classic and tailored pieces look best in this environment

Display a well-edited collection from your last beach vacation. A piece of coral on the coffee table, a bowl filled with a few treasured seashells, or a collection of sea glass is enough to create a coastal feel and remind you of your time need the beach. Use these items sparingly and they will give you home the look of a classic seaside home.

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