One Of Our Latest Projects - Includes a New Mudroom & Laundry Room Area

Today, I’m so excited to share one of our recently completed projects with you.

When I first visited with this client, we discussed several projects they were interested in doing on their sprawling one-level home. We discussed each of the projects in detail, including what they would entail and what their overall goals were for the home.

Having a general discussion about all the projects they wanted to do helped me devise a plan of action, allowing us to be productive strategically and develop phases that made sense for the long-term work scope. We also knew the most pressing needs of the homeowner, and we were anxious to ease some of the problematic areas of the home’s current floor plan.

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Based on these discussions, we decided that the best place to start was at the end of the house, which currently included a two-car garage, a small laundry area, a small bathroom, and two bedrooms they currently use as a play area for their small children.

This area could be closed off from the rest of the house easily, so it made sense to renovate these areas at the same time. This also allowed contractors to come and go from the driveway without disrupting the rest of the household, so this was a great place to start, making this area phase 1 of the overall renovation plan.

While there will always be some disruption to the flow of the household during a large renovation project, a well-thought-out phased plan of action is very helpful to ease these disruptions.

Now, I will tell you about the wishlist, the needs of the client, and what they were hoping to get out of the renovation of phase 1. The homeowners did not need all of the two-and-a-half-car garage since they also had some detached garage space. So this allowed us to use some of the attached garage space to create a spectacular laundry room and mudroom area. Another item on their wishlist was to customize and improve the two bedrooms, creating two adjacent offices. We also enlarged and renovated a bathroom that was just off the current small laundry area.

I went to work, designing this beautiful wing of their home. In the laundry room and mudroom area, I designed the space using the extra space afforded by the garage and a few feet from one of the bedrooms to create a long room in which I designed custom cabinetry for storage all along the main wall. On the opposite wall, where we took the additional space from the garage, we also added benches, and plenty of hooks to create a hard-working mudroom area.

I also included a beautiful porcelain farmer sink with a sleek chrome faucet that sparkled against the beautiful translucent glass backsplash tile. I integrated the washer and dryer into the cabinetry design and raised it for ease of use. We used tile flooring that looked like wood because this hard-working mudroom was going to take some hard use. I moved the entrance to the now one-car attached garage and added an exterior entrance, allowing the sun to stream through the space right into the attached kitchen. Now, the homeowner can store everything from vacuums, household items, laundry, baskets, coats, and shoes behind this beautiful, traditionally styled cabinetry. This will create a clean and orderly look in what is bound to be a very busy and well-used space.

I chose colors, finishes, fixtures, and hardware reflecting a traditional style with crisp, clean colors. I knew my homeowners would love this look due to our discussions in the pre-design phase of our process. I added fabrics and artwork to reflect the cool crisp traditional look.

The bathroom design echoes some of the colors from the laundry room area. Creating a cohesive look throughout the space and into the hallway which led to the two new offices. In the bathroom, I chose a traditional penny tile in modern colors, again traditionally styled fixtures, and a beautiful charcoal-colored quartz countertop. We created a much-improved, custom-tiled shower area. The original bath in the space was poorly laid out and created a very small, awkward shower and a vanity that really couldn’t be used unless you were almost sitting on the toilet. All of that was improved by just adding a few extra inches when reframing the wall and changing the layout.

Whenever you are renovating a home, no matter what the age is, you must be prepared for the unexpected.

Although my highly skilled and experienced team of contractors can anticipate where we might encounter problems, we still found a few very unexpected and very unusual surprises during the demo of this space.

While removing the existing floor, it was discovered that this end of the home had no foundation underneath it, just piles of sand. Most of the framework on this end of the home rotted out because of the lack of foundation.

Our homeowners took this in stride and even removed all of the sand themselves. A new foundation was poured, and my team of hard-working and talented contractors worked to bring this design to life and rebuild most of this side of the home.

Now, our homeowners can rest assured that this section of their house is built properly. They are currently moving in and enjoying every detail of their new space.

We have enjoyed working with these lovely homeowners and look forward to phase 2, which I have already designed. More about that at a later date!

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