One Of Our Design and Renovation Projects- Elegant Dining Room

I am so excited to finally show you this exciting dining room project that we recently completed. We designed and renovated many areas in this lovely home, with the Dining Room being just one of our latest projects.

The existing Dining Room space had very poor quality woodworking, which was not original to the home, but a poorly done attempt at replicating woodwork that would have been in this “circa 1700 older home.”

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When my client purchased this residence, they did so with an eye toward renovation. They love traditional design, but they were not interested in doing a historical restoration of the house. So when designing spaces for this home, I was allowed to elevate the rooms to a more formal look, more to my client’s tastes, while keeping it traditional in style, which works well for the architecture of this home.

When I started the design for the space, I knew that my homeowner wanted to use this as a formal dining room, and they also needed storage space to house all of their dishes and serving pieces. Since we have been systematically designing and renovating all of the rooms in this home, I also considered the flow of the space as you move through the adjoining spaces into this room. When designing an entire home, you can create continuity, balance, and interest throughout the home with a well-planned overall design plan.

After I created a complete design plan for the space, everything was removed, existing flooring, existing woodwork, and existing fireplace mantle, which, although it had cabinet doors, was just a façade. There were no actual cabinets behind the existing cabinet doors. So there was no storage in the existing space.

The old pine flooring was in very rough shape, so we removed it, and my master carpenter installed beautiful hardwood floors in a light maple tone.

I designed custom cabinetry for this room which included floor-to-ceiling cabinetry, and a new mantle and fireplace surround. We included custom paneled wainscotting and trim, all built and installed by my master cabinetmaker.

One Of Our Design and Renovation Projects- Elegant Dining Room

This home is located in a beautiful country setting, and I wanted to accentuate the views from this room. So, in choosing a wall treatment, I decided to include a custom mural that would work well with the view from the space. After choosing a custom mural, we were able to have it scaled to the space and choose the color selection. Since this mural was a continuous scene, we had to select exactly which sections of the scene we wanted on the walls and where they would come into play because we had to allow for doorways, openings, windows, and furnishings. A custom mural like this requires professional installation which was done by our wallpapering expert, and it looks beautiful in the space.

All of the woodwork, cabinetry, and trim wrap in the space is a custom-mixed yellowish-green color. The room’s ceiling and the inside of the cabinetry were painted beautifully, in an icy pale blue to coordinate with the soft velvet upholstery on the gloss black French-inspired chairs. We designed custom window treatments for all of the windows. These included the beautiful slate blue velvet drapery panels, and a silk Roman shade done in a pale blue.

We added beautiful, high gloss marble-topped accent cabinets for additional storage, and we repurposed the homeowner’s old dining room table since it was a great size for the space and was an inherited piece from the homeowner’s family. It worked perfectly!

We also added a beautiful brass chandelier and cabinetry hardware, which spoke to each other with a traditional inspired star pattern.

The area rug echoed the muted tones of the wallpaper in a way that did not distract from the mural, as I wanted the mural to be a strong focal point in the space.

We adorned the dining table with antique flatware, and some of my client’s antique china, and added pieces to supplement where needed. We also finished this tablescape by adding Crystal stemware and beautiful brass accents, a flower arrangement, and classic tapered candles.

I can’t wait for my client to enjoy the holiday season celebrating in this new dining room!

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