On-site Consultation - Our Process - Designs by Gia

On-site Consultation

Step 1

The on-site consultation is the first step in the design process and where we begin every project. This appointment is usually about an hour long and is crucial to the planning of any design and renovation project.

First, I walk through the space with you, while discussing your concerns, thoughts, ideas, and goals for the space. During this time, we will also address any problem areas you wants to solve. During this appointment we will answer specific design questions, make general suggestions, and offer ideas as to the best way you can reach their goals and avoid common pitfalls. This consultation also allows you to get a general frame of reference for the overall cost of the projects, so you can prioritize your needs and determine the best use of your budget relative to the overall project.

For the client that wants our full-service design and build/implementation, we will discuss design fees and review the next step in the process, which would be creating a conceptual design. 

For the homeowner who wants to do the project themselves (DIY), this consultation with a professional can be very valuable, providing information that will help steer you in the right direction and avoid common pitfalls.

Whether you choose to pursue the project with my team or on your own, this consultation allows me to share my 20 years of experience with you, which can help those unsure of how to proceed and help you achieve a better understanding of the scope of their project. During every step of the consultation I’m looking for ways to help you, the client, avoid costly mistakes that can occur during any interior design or renovation project. I want your project to be a dream come true, no matter how great or small my involvement.