Luxury Bathroom

luxury bathroomA luxury bathroom may seem more like a necessity these days after the past year we’ve all had. As the pandemic forced many of us to stay at home for long periods of time, the bathroom became a sanctuary for some private time, a place to recoup with a long soak in a hot tub. It also gave some homeowners the opportunity to take a closer look at their existing bathroom and assess what works well and what doesn’t and consider a bathroom remodeling or renovation project. If this sounds like you, Designs by Gia of Princeton, MA is the perfect project partner to help with both the design and construction of a new luxury bath, custom-designed to fit your specific wants, needs, and taste.

There a number of new luxury bathroom features that have become popular in response to current trends in design as well as enhanced, pandemic-inspired hygiene:

  • More touchless features such as faucets, switches, and toilet seats
  • Open, multifunctional showers featuring steam systems and integrated benches
  • More spa-like, relaxation-focused designs
  • More practical and discrete storage to keep surfaces clean and clutter-free
  • More technology to improve lighting, safety, and comfort

Previously a luxury bathroom might have emphasized beauty and visual appeal, but today the focus is increasingly on health and well-being. Clients now expect a thoughtful execution big on functionality, which translates into more shelving than cabinets; open, walk-in showers for greater accessibility and ease-of-use; and floor-to-ceiling glass for drama as well as improved visibility. Features such as floating vanities and large tiles help to create a more expansive atmosphere, especially in smaller spaces. Beauty will always be a goal in luxury bathroom design, while ensuring that luxury does not compromise functionality.

Technology is appearing more, and in a variety of ways, in a custom-designed luxury bathroom. Mirrors with LED lighting, taps with motion detectors, and digital temperature regulators are all features growing in popularity. To create a more inviting, relaxing atmosphere, many homeowners are turning to in-bathroom sound systems and Bluetooth technology to bring soothing or energizing music into a spa-like environment.

Today, the luxury bathroom has moved front and center as the must-have remodeling project for many homeowners interested in rethinking and updating their homes. No longer an uninspiring space relegated to just personal hygiene, a luxury bathroom can be an energizing as well as contemplative personal spa. Let Designs by Gia show you how we can turn your everyday bathroom into a sanctuary that will enable you to relax, rejuvenate, and get ready to face the world again.