Living Room Decorating Ideas for Dartmouth, Massachusetts

living room decorating ideas for Dartmouth, MassachusettsIt’s safe to say that the COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed many things affecting our daily lives, and that includes how we look at and use the spaces we live in. After spending an enormous amount of time sequestered in our homes, many of us have had the opportunity to rethink various rooms and what we have in them. If you’re one of those people eyeing creative possibilities for renovating and re-invigorating your living room, your best partner for living room decorating ideas is interior designer Gia Milazzo Smith of Designs by Gia. Based in Dartmouth, Massachusetts, Gia not only has impeccable decorating sensibilities, she understands the architectural framework that will influence and showcase the interior design elements. 

Designs by Gia provides comprehensive interior decorator services to bring your new living room decorating ideas to life, including: 

  • Material and color consultation
  • Complete room design
  • Fabric and furniture recommendations
  • Comprehensive layout and space allocation plans  

For many families, the living room – once a seldom-used, often formal room – has become a sort of headquarters for all sorts of family activities. From impromptu classroom, to family game room, to get-away-from-things room, the people see a lot of opportunity for making their living rooms more attractive, functional, and fun. Gone are the days of fussy décor, rigid room patterns, and uncomfortable formal furniture. 

Design trends in living room decorating ideas for Dartmouth, Massachusetts include a diversity of hues in both paint and fabric colors. Light and cream shades of paint are gaining popularity, proving a feeling of both greater space and tranquility – something especially valuable in these stressful times. For a more high tech and minimalist look, timeless modern favorites such as black and white as well as shades of brown and chocolate are in. 

Comfortable, inviting seating areas are big living room decorating ideas this year, as we spend more and more time at home, working, reading, watching TV and relaxing with our families. Flexible sectional sofas in soft, plush fabrics; complementary or contrasting colors, and interesting textures invite you to sit awhile in the comfort of your own home. 

Unique wall treatments have been recent favorites and continue to be. Other Dartmouth, Massachusetts living room decorating ideas feature lots of wood, including recycled siding, flooring, and beams — popular for creating an authentic Americana look that harks back to a simpler time. Stone, metal, and composite materials add interest while requiring minimal upkeep – important characteristics if you’re juggling a lot of activities and responsibilities. 

Got some living room decorating ideas of your own? Explore them with Gia Milazzo Smith of Designs by Gia in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. She’ll help you bring them to life and breathe new life into your living room.