Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovation in Princeton, MassachusettsKitchens are the heart of most homes. It’s the one room in which most people tend to gather, relax, prepare food, eat, laugh, share stories and create memories. That’s why a kitchen renovation is so different from renovating any other room in your home. There’s a different level of comfort, convenience, functionality, safety and, yes, emotion, involved in kitchen renovation.

Designs by Gia is a full service design/build firm specializing in kitchen renovation. Principal Gia Milazzo has years of experience and considerable expertise in kitchen renovation . She understands all the personal and technical components that influence creative, functional kitchen design. In fact, designing a kitchen renovation for function, safety, style, and longevity requires the considerable skills of a highly-experienced interior designer and specifically a kitchen designer such as Gia.

Considered the most difficult and expensive room to renovate in a home, a kitchen renovation must be approached in a disciplined way that takes into consideration all the aspects that affect a kitchen’s use. There’s the technical design factor of placing and installing all the necessary equipment and appliances to ensure safe and convenient use. That, of course, must be informed with how the homeowner and his or her family use the kitchen – is it all about cooking and food preparation, or is it more about the social aspect, a gathering place to enjoy friends, share conversations, and nibble snacks? Or does the kitchen renovation require a careful balance of both serious food preparation and casual social use? Finally, there’s the overall creativity and construction – what design, colors, and materials will work best to match the homeowner’s lifestyle, tastes, and preferences?

The  kitchen renovation experts on the Designs by Gia team understand all these elements of kitchen renovation and carefully considers them as the means to reach a kitchen renovation goal that starts at the functional and evolves into the intuitive and, ultimately, the inspirational.