Interior Color Expert

Interior Color ExpertNothing can set a mood, encourage an attitude, and elicit an emotional response like color. Gia Milazzo, an interior color expert, through her company, Designs by Gia, achieves astonishing results for her clients by carefully selecting and utilizing interior colors to dramatically alter the energy level, mood, and impact of a particular space.

As an interior color expert located, Gia turns the use of color into a remarkably effective design tool that can transform even the smallest of living spaces into a dramatic statement that perfectly reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client. As an expert in interior colors, Gia calls upon her years as a skilled design and construction professional to inform her choices in creating unique and powerful color schemes – whether it’s for a renovation or a new construction project, a single room or an entire house.

What sets Gia apart as a contractor and interior color expert is her unique strength as an artist as well as a builder. Few professionals can claim experience and expertise in both fields, but Gia is just such a unique design and construction professional. As a result, her qualifications as an interior color expert and beyond are unmatched.

As an interior color expert, Gia also offers the following services:

  • Space design
  • Color and materials consultation
  • Expert construction and renovation
  • Complete project management

Experience has taught Gia that interior designs can succeed or fall short based on the colors selected for paints, stains, fabrics, and flooring. Her skills as an expert in interior color enable her to assist clients in making confident color choices used throughout a project. Her customized interior color solutions are guaranteed to result in a uniquely personal living

If you are about to embark on a renovation project, or are perhaps looking for expert home design/build services, Designs by Gia can help, regardless of the size and scope of the project. Even if she’s not involved in the initial design process, Gia is happy to provide her services as an interior color expert, stressing that choosing the right interior colors is a critical step that must be considered carefully for any project.