Commercial & Hospitality

The challenge that faces the hospitality industry is to provide guests an amazing experience, regardless of their personal preferences or the circumstances of their visit. This is unlike when designers are given free reign to transform a person’s home, which allows for a truly customized result that takes into account their personal tastes, needs and lifestyle.

In an attempt to avoid extremes and polarization, too often the result is a bland wash of colorless background that is, in a word, forgettable. At Designs by Gia we understand the goal must be to be pleasing to all and boring to none.

A truly well-designed space will provide a welcome and comforting atmosphere. Whether customers are walking into your store or bank, visiting your restaurant for the first or 100th time, or staying at your inn for a romantic getaway or to attend a conference, you want to impress them each time.

In a competitive environment, providing your guests more for less is more important than ever. Implementing excellent design can boost the experience of your guests, allowing you to profit from your forethought and take advantage of cost savings by duplicating the design on a larger scale.

As a full-service design firm, Designs by Gia provides a high level of service, upfront pricing and a network of skilled craftspeople, from architects and contractors to structural engineers. We are dedicated to making your clientele fall in love with your venue at first sight and desire to return, again and again.

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