Custom Bathroom

custom bathroomA custom bathroom is now more popular than ever, thanks to the pandemic, as more and more Americans spend increasing amounts of time at home, often taking refuge in the comfort of a soothing bath. For many, a custom bathroom is not a luxury but a necessity — a place to find peace and reduce stress. In central Massachusetts, that means getting the custom bath of their dreams designed and installed by Princeton, MA-based Designs by Gia.

A custom bathroom from Designs by Gia enables a homeowner to be limited only by their imagination; features can include:

  • More convenient, discrete, and efficient storage spaces
  • Wireless technology to control lighting, temperature and entertainment technology
  • Innovative, multi-functional showers with massage and rainfall showerheads, steam systems, as well as integrated seating and toiletries storage
  • Unique, textured and colored surfaces
  • Touch control smart mirrors with integrated LED lighting

A custom bathroom from Designs by Gia can help you make the most of limited space, with every spare inch put to good use through innovative fixtures and more useful counter space. Artfully designed, smaller toilets and unique sink bowls help provide a greater sense of spaciousness while optimizing functionality.

Other features such as more shelving than cabinets; open, walk-in showers; and floor-to-ceiling glass are all interior design features that can be utilized to make the most of today’s smaller, standard bathroom, turning it into an attractive, inviting custom bathroom. Features such as floating vanities and large tiles help to create a more expansive atmosphere.

Bathrooms are without question the most personal room in any home and can be an oasis of comfort, peace, and tranquility after a hectic day. At Designs by Gia, we specialize in designing and building a custom bathroom uniquely suited to your individual preferences and lifestyle. From flooring, countertops, fixtures, custom cabinetry, and lighting, we’ll surround you with a look and feel that will suit you perfectly.