Conceptual Design - Our Process - Designs by Gia

Conceptual Design

Step 2

In this stage, after discussing all of my client’s desires and goals during the consultation, I create a realistic conceptual design reflecting my recommendations for the space. 

This design plan will include the following: floor plans, elevations of walls showing all design details, color recommendations, material selections, fixtures, cabinetry design, furnishing, etc. Some or all these details will be included in the plan depending on what we’re trying to achieve within the space. Discussing and incorporating these elements into the conceptual design is crucial for you to understand and visualize the final product before materials are purchased and quoting for construction begins.

I will present this design to you in a design presentation meeting where we can discuss the details of the design, receive your input and make any changes that might be needed. Then we will discuss the next step in the process of bringing your project to life.