Bedroom Renovation

Bedroom RenovationCold winter nights make many people think of “bedroom renovation” and dream of snuggling down into a warm cozy bed, safe and secure in their inner sanctum. Most homeowners consider the bedroom their personal retreat — the one place to find peace and quiet. As the most personal room in the home, it’s also why bedroom remodeling is one of the most popular home renovation requests from the clients of Princeton, MA-based Designs by Gia.

Designs by Gia provides complete bedroom renovation services, including:

  • Design
  • Color and décor consultation
  • Expert construction services
  • Complete project management

Gia Milazzo Smith of Designs by Gia is a highly experienced interior designer with a construction background that enables her to provide unique, creative, and cost-efficient custom bedroom renovation for Princeton, MA. Working with her team of skilled artisan craftsmen, Gia is able to provide each client with a beautiful, functional design to perfectly reflect their taste and lifestyle in this most personal of rooms.

Design tips to help make your bedroom uniquely yours:

Your bedroom renovation, Princeton MA should be a reflection of you and your partner. To help you consider ways to personalize your bedroom, here are some simple ideas that don’t have to cost a lot:

  • Experiment with uniquely-patterned curtains, canopies, wallpaper, and artwork
  • Make a personal, creative statement with your bedroom design — find artwork that really speaks to you or even create your own
  • Make your bedroom more cozy and relaxing — choose calming pastels and other light colors for wall paint and wallpaper
  • Make it easier to snuggle up with fluffy blankets, throws, and pillows to soften the room while adding comfort and warmth
  • Go modern and lively with abstract designs and artwork as well as bold patterns and textures in wall coverings, fabrics, and furniture
  • Make a dramatic statement with a monochromatic room design – pick a single, favorite color to build your room decor around

At Designs by Gia, our interior design team has years of Princeton, MA, bedroom renovation experience. We’ll work with you to design a unique, highly-personal new bedroom that creates the calm, restful retreat of your dreams.