Antique Home Remodeling

Antique Home RemodelingAntique home remodeling requires specialized skills that go beyond simple remodeling. Antique home remodeling, done correctly, seamlessly blends old spaces and elements with modern components and functionality.

If you’re looking for antique home design services in central New England, Designs by Gia is the trusted antique home design expert. Principal Gia Milazzo has years of experience in design/build contracting and an in-depth knowledge of old construction techniques and materials.  Her knowledge and skills enable her to craft exquisite antique home remodels and renovations that pay tribute to timeless craftsmanship and antique looks using efficient, modern methods that produce breathtaking results.

Antique home remodeling requires patience, skill, and a keen eye for detail. That’s what enables the Designs by Gia antique home design team to lovingly produce finished restoration projects that celebrate classic design while carefully incorporating new features and functionality to embrace the ease and convenience of a modern lifestyle.

It’s been said that true remodelers are born into it, informing their remodeling passion with a keen sense of history and a deep-seated respect for the past. Gia was born into a hardworking family of remodelers with an Old World work ethic — she was swinging a hammer, pouring over blueprints, and considered part of the crew at an early age. In her own business, Gia has spent over a decade building relationships with historical resources, professional contacts, and highly-skilled tradespeople. Now she mines her history, steeped in creative expression, construction know-how, and hard work, to deliver unparalleled antique home remodeling projects. The result is antique home remodels that reflect the history of each home as well as the personality and lifestyle of the clients who now own them.

Contact Gia to learn more about the special challenges of antique home remodeling and how Designs by Gia is uniquely skilled and equipped to undertake even the most demanding antique home remodel.