5 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home's Exterior Entry

Spring is here!!

As the weather improves and the temperatures rise, we begin to spend more time outside. This is the time when we might realize the outdoor areas of our home could use some work. Let’s begin with the front entry of our home to begin our spring update.

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Here are a few ways to freshen up the front entry of our homes for spring.
Add rich color.

Give your front door a fresh coat of paint.

This is the first thing that anyone entering your home sees. It’s viewed from a close-up perspective. Freshen up the front door by scraping off any old peeling or cracked paint, and be sure that it has a fresh coat of new paint. This might be a great time to rethink that front door color. Think about choosing a bright color to define the front entry door. This door can be a different color than the rest of your exterior doors.

Clean the existing hardware on your front/entry door.

Door knobs, hinges, and door knockers all tend to show wear and tear quickly. Cleaning the existing hardware can go a long way in improving the look of the existing hardware. If needed, replace these hardware items, you can change the style and the look of the entry door completely by upgrading the door hardware.

Update your front door welcome mat.

Your home’s welcome mat should be properly sized to fit the door’s size. The width of the mat should be at least the width of the door. If you have the space on your front step or landing, you could go even wider to make a more grand look. Use something that works well with your home style and colors.

Add rich color.

Front door wreath.

You can express your style and personality with a beautiful front door wreath. Seasonal wreaths look great but also be mindful of the colors of your home’s exterior and landscaping. Select a wreath that complements your home’s style and color scheme. Be sure to size a front door correctly. the wreath should be several inches smaller than the width of the door. Too small of a wreath will not have the same impact as a properly sized wreath.

Use free-standing planters outside your front door.

This helps to highlight your entry. If you have any planters or flower pots outside your home again, be sure that the style, color, and proportion are complementary to your home. Use flowers and plants that make a nice transition from your landscape.

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