5 Times That The Best Answer Was To Take Down The Walls

Many times when you’re renovating a room, you have to consider the amount of space that you have in the existing room and whether or not you can make the necessary improvements in the existing space. Many times there’s so much that you can do with the original space that taking down the walls is not always the answer to improving the room and making a great layout.

But, sometimes, removing walls, opening up the space into another space, and adding that square footage can drastically improve the finished product. This allows me to design a space that improves the lifestyle in the workings of both rooms by joining them into a much more useful space for my client.

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It takes many years of experience and skill to look at a space and be able to tell whether or not taking down walls and adding to the space will substantially improve it or not.

We’ve completed many projects where taking down walls was the right answer. This was decided based on meeting the client’s goals and creating the most functional design for the space.

Here are just a few examples:

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Transformation #1

In this project, the small bathroom was located just off a master bedroom where there was a good-sized rectangular bedroom and a small L-shaped area that was part of the bedroom but not being utilized. With such a small bath and very small shower area, it made perfect sense to utilize this dead space in the bedroom to create a luxury master bath, including a large vanity and a spacious custom-tied shower. We renovated the master bedroom as well adding custom closets to replace the existing small cramped closet, flooring, furnishings, custom fabric work, and window treatments. This was a great use of the space.

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Transformation #2

This oceanfront property remained untouched for numerous years. However, the homeowner always longed for a large open kitchen that took advantage of the ocean views. In this case, opening the wall was a game changer and I knew the transformation would be incredible. You can see in the before photo, that the existing kitchen was small dark, and cramped. Since the ocean view is located to the far left of this photo, removing the dividing wall was important for designing this entire space to take advantage of the views and create a floor plan that would work well for family gatherings and entertaining. We kept the flavor of this sentimental family home by keeping the existing flooring and old exposed beams. But, we transformed the space creating a bright, airy kitchen, living and dining space that reflects the incredible panoramic views from this property. This luxury kitchen is now prepared for everyday use or summer family entertaining.

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Transformation #3

This home had lots of space, but not when it came to the master shower. The master bathroom was large but had numerous angled walls that were eating up all the space and creating a disjointed appearance. The master shower was a very small stall with very little space to move around and no light. Thankfully these homeowners were open to a big change. We took down all of the angled walls and re-shaped the space. We were able to add a beautiful free-standing bathtub and this incredible steam shower, complete with aroma and sound therapy. This shower has become more than a shower, it is a relaxing retreat.

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Transformation #4

This project was a full design and renovation on most of the first floor, including a kitchen and dining space. The existing small kitchen had very little wall space and was opened to a back sunroom area. Fortunately, these clients were opened to a whole new layout of the entire space. This allowed me to design an open kitchen and entertainment space which was much needed for the lifestyle of these clients. We removed the wall behind the existing refrigerator and used the existing dining space to create an expanded kitchen. We changed everything from the scale of the windows to the flooring, and door openings, completed this beautiful new kitchen, and furnished the entire space down to the last detail.

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Transformation #5

This existing kitchen was dark and in need of storage space. When I saw the existing formal living room behind the existing kitchen, I knew right away that because of the existing space and the way that it was cut up, removing the wall was the way to go. This enabled me to meet all of my client’s needs when it came to the new kitchen design, and we were able to create a warm and welcoming dining space within the new kitchen area. We opened everything up to the family room as we were renovating most of this lovely family home. We kept the existing dark beams as a special request of the homeowner’s father, the original owner. Every family generation was very happy with the final result of this multifunctioning space.



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