4 Tips To Create A Flower Arrangement That Wakes Up Your Home's Interior

As our outdoor living spaces have welcomed us throughout the summer season, it’s hard to think about needing to turn our attention inside the home as we step into Fall. One of the ways that I like to wake up the inside of my home during this time of year is to bring in some flowers. Usually, I pick those left in my garden to arrange and display inside my home. Although I do this throughout the season, I make an extra effort this time of year because I know these beautiful floral blooms are short-lived, and I want to enjoy them for as long as possible.
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Here are a few types of flower arrangements that you can create using some of your garden flowers.
Add rich color.

A Single Flower Arrangement

A single flower displayed in a vase can be incorporated into any room very easily. Use a vase that complements the size and structure of your flower or any kind of a vessel that is in keeping with the feel of your home. This is easily done even if you don’t have a bountiful garden to draw from. One beautiful flower or a grouping of single blooms can create a great display.

Use Structural Branches.

If you don’t have any flowers, try using an interesting looking branch or a group of branches to create a sculpture like arrangement. Curved long branches will work great for this. Place them in a tall vase or vessel with a narrow top. This kind of arrangement looks great on the coffee table or a kitchen countertop.

Add rich color.

Make An Arrangement With A Mix of Flowers and Greens

You can mix flowers and greens very easily, and you can mix colors using whatever you have on hand. This will create a casual look for a room and your home. Try using something simple to display this arrangement, such as a ceramic pitcher, glass milk bottle, or even a vase with a minimal design. These will work best in this situation. Just make sure the container you use has a wide top, and cut your flowers based on the container’s length.

An Arrangement With All of the Same Flower Types in Abundance

Using the same type of flower makes for a beautiful type of arrangement. Depending on the size of the flower, you can use anywhere from just three flowers to over a dozen. Create the arrangement based on the size of your vase and where you might display it. For instance, using just three flowers placed in a small vase can easily be placed on your bathroom countertop, versus an arrangement with ten to twenty flowers which looks amazing displayed on your dining table or on a dresser.

The key thought here is to spread the wealth of your garden, and if you have an overabundance of flowers, maybe share a small arrangement with a friend.

Great design is in all of the details!

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