Three Times We Wanted Our Kitchen Backsplash Design To Steal The Show

When designing a kitchen, there are so many details to consider.

Design ideas and design details can all be beautiful on their own, but not all design details work well together.

When designing a space, I have to decide what areas will be focal points and which areas will take a supporting role in the overall design. Not only should the space be functional, but it should be pleasing to look at. Your eyes should explore the space, seeing those details in a certain order or revealing nature. Not every design detail should jump at you the minute you walk through the door. Allowing your eyes to see things in a certain order is part of what creates an experience that is pleasing to the eyes.

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This is especially important in the area of kitchen backsplashes. Depending on the space, the goals, and the function in every individual kitchen, sometimes a backsplash design takes more of a supporting role. However, occasionally, we create a backsplash that’s more of a predominant design detail.

Here are a few examples of kitchens that I’ve designed where our backsplash design stole the show.

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Kitchen One

In the first example, this kitchen was in the home of one of our long-time vendors. We were excited to have the opportunity to design their kitchen. I knew that this couple would not be afraid to do something a little bit bold. And because of the way their kitchen was laid out, there was a lot of backsplash area to cover. This allowed us to make a statement on the backsplash that would carry throughout the space in a balanced way. My clients and I fell in love with this beautiful stone mosaic tile, a mix of various sizes of circular marble in a mix of patterns. Installed on the backsplash, its irregular marble pattern of circular pieces created a beautiful rhythm for your eye to follow through this rectangular kitchen space. This type of backsplash tile is best installed by an expert, and the results here were beautiful. A very distinct mosaic tile can still take on a timeless look that is not overly trendy.

Add rich color.

Kitchen Two

In this kitchen design, we took two smaller-sized rooms, an existing small kitchen, and an adjacent dining room, combining them to create a very expanded Kitchen. The space is perfect for entertaining and has everything that the client desires. Because of the space layout with a large peninsula, there was very little backsplash area. This beautiful sealed concrete tile gave us a gorgeous motif on our backsplash. Because we don’t have a lot of backsplash area, I decided to cover the entire wall around the window with this tile, creating a beautiful focal point in the kitchen and also giving the sink wall a durable backsplash area.

Add rich color.

Kitchen Three

We created this beautiful kitchen in an older historic home. Our clients wanted to make the most of the existing smaller kitchen space without expanding the existing room’s footprint. Everything in the space was designed to create a kitchen with all of the modern conveniences in a smaller space, honoring the traditional architecture of this older home. I really wanted the backsplash in this kitchen to have a traditional look but in a fresh, updated way. I used a traditionally sized subway tile but in a beautiful glass tile. To add more depth and interest, I combined a few colors of the glass tile and created a pattern that created a gentle flow and texture around the backsplash space. This gentle color transition of this glossy finished glass tile created an updated yet traditional feel in the finished kitchen.

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