Getting Ready For Outdoor Entertaining

Spring is here and it’s the time of year to bring attention to our outdoor spaces. Whether you have a new place or you’ve been in your current home for many years, it’s a great idea to make sure your yard has the ideal setup for seasonal gatherings. I love outdoor entertaining and since I recently moved into a new home, I’m excited to get my yard ready for the season!

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Whether you like to entertain with just a few family and friends, or a large crowd, really think about how you want guests to experience your outdoor spaces.
Add rich color.

I love to think of the outdoors just like I would a home interior. Different spaces should be used for different activities. For instance, a dining space, a cooking area, or perhaps a space where you can enjoy a quiet moment for your morning coffee. Really think about how you want to use your yard, what furniture pieces you might want for each designated area and how those areas work with the flow of the yard.

Even a very small yard can be set up efficiently to create spaces for entertaining. Regardless of size, decide the function of each space first. Then choose outdoor furniture pieces based on need and the amount of space available.

Always have a plan. Buying random pieces and then trying to make everything work and fit accordingly can be just as problematic in your yard as it is in the interior of your home. This is why it is best to plan everything out before you make any purchases.

Discuss your plans for your yard with your landscaper, landscape architect, or if you do your own yard work, think about any hardscaping or landscaping that might enhance the flow of your space. You’ll also want to involve any other vendors you’re working with on property updates. For instance, if you plan on putting in a pool, be sure it is well planned with the proper professionals. You don’t want to add landscaping in places where it might have to be removed for the pool work.

When you begin furnishing your outdoor spaces, buy quality pieces that will last. Outdoor spaces really take a beating even in areas with mild climates. Sun exposure can do some serious damage to outdoor furnishings, so quality is key. Which is why it’s also important to select fabrics that will hold up well and are made specifically for the outdoors.

Add rich color.

When adding decorative elements to your outdoor spaces, continue to think of it just you would the interior of your home – be sure they are all connected either in style or color to keep the space tied together.

Last but not least, add your family and friends and enjoy!

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