6 Added Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an interior designer is always a great idea when you’re looking for a fantastic design for a space in your home.

But did you know that, beyond the design creation, hiring an interior designer has many other added benefits?

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Full-service interior designers can offer the option of implementing your project from start to finish. Depending on who you hire, designers like myself offer the full-service option. This includes all of the construction of your project, furnishing, purchasing, and all of the details for your project. This is a great benefit for homeowners because it ensures a cohesive design from concept to completion.

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While having an interior designer implement your entire project is best, it is not the only option. After your designer composes your project design, you can hire another team for the work, or even do the project yourself. A professionally designed project plan can be a great benefit to the do-it-yourself homeowner that has the time and skill necessary to implement an interior design and construction project.


Your interior designer is extremely knowledgeable about materials. Designers deal with items like tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, color samples, and fabric samples on a daily basis. When a designer implements your project, they will source these items from the best suppliers to give you quality results. This does not always happen when a homeowner sources their own materials. Substandard can turn a beautiful design into a mistake. Your designer knows what items will create your desired results and knows the areas where your design dollars can go further.


When you hire an interior designer you have access to their entire team of craftsmen. This could include the highest quality carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other craftspeople needed to implement your project. This is an added benefit to any homeowner looking for quality results. In addition to knowing who to hire, your designer’s relationship with their contractor will make a difference, especially in today’s building environment. Quality contractors are booked out for years in advance. Priority always goes to designers who have a long-term relationship and an ongoing stream of steady projects for those contractors.

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An interior designer can make impartial decisions on design elements for your home. For instance, if you were buying a backsplash tile, a designer normally would have no loyalty to one brand over another and will stay focused on what is the best for your project. A designer who is not a product salesperson likely has a broader product knowledge to bring to your project. When buying your own backsplash tile, you might be influenced by someone who is actually selling you a specific item. Or you might not know all of the choices available because you might be limited to what that specific salesperson is selling. Having an interior designer involved in your project can ensure that the options sourced for your project are indeed the designer’s best recommendations.


Some designers offer project management. This can be a great resource in getting your design project done in the timeframe desired and at the cost you have budgeted. Choose a designer who is experienced with the type of project that you’re looking at doing. This designer will bring a wealth of experience to your project ensuring the best results possible in the management of all sourcing and coordinating all custom details.

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