What To Expect When Planning A Renovation In 2022 And Beyond

The landscape has changed a lot in the last few years in the home industry as well as many others.

As a designer and renovator who has been in this business for many years, I have seen recessions, labor issues, and many other twists and turns that come with managing projects and contractors. However, I’ve never seen anything quite like the tsunami, or “perfect storm” that developed over the home and building industry in the last two years.

To sum it up, everyone decided to either renovate their existing home or buy a new home to renovate. Additionally, with the issues of product unavailability and the shipping slowdown, we saw vendors unable to keep up with product quotes and project timelines.

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These issues mean that now more than ever, it is necessary to rely on an experienced professional to handle your project. Changes and or re-design due to product unavailability could derail an entire project for an inexperienced designer or homeowner. When problems arise, decisions need to be made strategically and quickly to avoid the additional pitfalls that can occur when waiting for an inexperienced renovator to step in.

Add to these problems the current labor shortages and lack of experienced craftsmen and you may find experienced professionals too busy to step in to assist a homeowner whose project stalled under the supervision of an inexperienced renovator.

What are some things to expect when renovating in 2022 and beyond:

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Patience is the key. Projects are taking a bit longer due to the current issues mentioned. However, projects are all moving forward and being completed beautifully due to a lot of hard work behind the scenes.


Choose your professionals early. Many experienced design and build professionals have waitlists, and this will be the new normal for a while. An experienced team will put a process in place to design your project, order materials, and break ground on your project at precisely the right time. This will take into consideration delivery of product and contractor availability. Then once started, your project will be ahead of the game and move forward with the normal renovation experience.


Choose a team you trust and let your project manager drive the program. Any good project manager will explain the process, update you regularly, and be available for questions and discussions. Trying to micromanage someone you hired to manage your project will only slow things down. In this industry, things change daily, something you saw on a renovation tv show might not apply due to building codes in your state, or other issues. Ask questions, as professionals, our job is to help you reach your home’s goals and be sure our clients are satisfied with the results. Sometimes this involves keeping our clients from falling into rabbit holes of inaccurate internet information, and the goal is to reach their project goals.

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Start early. Start talking with professionals at least six months to a year before you want to start your project. This will allow plenty of time to plan, order, and schedule everything and everyone needed for your project. This will also ensure that you have the best team of experienced professionals currently in high demand. Don’t settle for inexperienced professionals just because you want things done fast. Inexperienced professionals will encounter the same delays and project issues as the pros, and they won’t foresee potential issues or be able to provide quick solutions when issues arise. In reality, your project might take longer with a lesser experienced team.

Again, patience is the key. It is still a great time to renovate. The results that a professional team can give you include the transformation of your space into a productive, soothing, beautiful retreat designed for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. Whether it is a place to work from home, play, spend time with family and friends, a kitchen that will be a joy to prepare meals and share time with those you love, know what to expect when renovating in 2022 and beyond. The end results of a professionally designed and renovated space should always leave clients thrilled with the results. Well worth the wait.

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