Should You Include A Bathtub In Your Master Bathroom Renovation?

As a bathroom renovation expert, I often get questions about whether a newly renovated bathroom space has to include a bathtub. This is common as many homeowners want to expand or create an enlarged shower space but lack the room to do both a bathtub and an expanded shower. The answer to this question may be different for different people. Here are some points that I like to discuss when deciding whether to include a bathtub in your new bathroom space.

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When I am designing a master bathroom space, I often ask my clients if they would really use a bathtub. Many people don’t or might use a bathtub very rarely, but still wonder if not including a bathtub in their master bathroom space is a mistake. If a client really does not need a bathtub in the master bathroom space and doesn’t have room to expand the shower without removing a tub, then I think having a tub in the master space is unnecessary. Decide what you really want in the space and what you are going to use. If that expanded shower space is most important and you must choose what you really see yourself using.

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When discussing this question, I often ask clients if they have a bathtub in another bathroom in their house. If my clients have small children, or the house is the type that a young family would purchase in the future, I think there should be a bathtub somewhere in the home. If you can expand your existing master bathroom space so that you can include both a tub and an expanded shower, this is the best-case scenario.

However, if you don’t use the bathtub often and are concerned about the home’s resale value, it might be nice to include one if your budget and space permit it.

I find that homeowners usually feel strongly about including a bathtub in the master bathroom space. A bathtub can really create some added luxury in the master bathroom. Your designer should work with you and your space to come up with the best option for your home.

If you’ve opted not to include a bathtub in your space, I advise considering some additional luxurious options in your shower. For instance, you might add a hand shower, a rain head, a steam option, and of course, a shower seat. This will give you a multitude of options, especially if you find yourself with an unexpected injury. A shower seat will allow you to continue to shower comfortably.

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