Transitioning Holiday Decor To Your New Home

This Christmas, I am thankful to be finally settling into my new home and expanded design studio space after months of packing and unpacking. It was hard for me to say goodbye to my beloved Tudor, which was my home for nine years, but I am looking forward to creating memories in my new space, a 1930’s era stately home that boasts its original scalloped woodwork details, gleaming original hardwood floors, and enough space to accommodate my office, for my ever growing interior design firm, all under one roof.

When moving into a new home, you really have to re-think how you use everything that you already own, furniture, art, area rugs, and even your holiday decorations. Even something as simple as a Christmas tree or front door wreath may not fit properly in your new space.

Here are some tips for transitioning your existing Holiday decorations into your new home:

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Assess your decorations as soon as you get settled in your new home. You don’t want to find out that your Christmas tree is too tall for your new room the day you decide to put it up. By doing this early, you will know if you need to order additional decorations before you start to decorate.

Add rich color.


Assess your new home for your electrical needs. I realized that my new home has no outlet that can be used for my stairway garlands, an essential element in my overall Christmas Decor. Take a look at the areas you decide to decorate and be sure that you have outlets if needed, and this gives you time to make changes in your decor or add additional outlets where required.


Be sure to plan on adding things like hooks or wreath hangers to your new home and make sure they will accommodate your decorations and the placement that you would like to use for your decor. Existing hooks that are in your new home might not work well with the size and placement of your decor. Spend a little time gathering all of these items to be sure you have what you need.

Add rich color.


Keep your mind open to new possibilities. For example, you may have always decorated your living room in a certain color scheme or in a certain way, but those decorations might actually work better in another space in your new home. Be open to new possibilities and experiment with new ideas.


Plan for your outside holiday decor as well. The same principles apply to your outdoor decorations, making sure you have electrical outlets where needed, along with all the proper hooks, holders, lights, or extension cords that you need.

Wishing You A Very Happy Holiday!

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