Quick Organization Projects For After The Holidays

I find that after the holidays have passed and winter’s cold days linger, this is a great time to turn our attention toward organizing or re-organizing our homes.

I find that this is the time of year that I tend to do a yearly straightening. I go through each drawer, closet, and area of my home, ensuring everything is in its place. Things can easily get out of place during a busy holiday season, especially if you are entertaining or have house guests.

Here are a few projects that I like to tackle after the holidays:

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Straightening and purging in my master bedroom closet. I generally do this twice a year, so it usually doesn’t take too long if I keep up on it. I hang all my clothes in color order, and this is something I learned working in a retail clothing store as a teenager. Part of my job was creating the window displays and constantly colorizing all of the clothing displays. When your clothing is stored this way, it’s easy to keep things orderly and see if something is out of place, and I know where everything is based on its color. I use felt hangers so that everything fits nicely and looks the same.

Add rich color.


Household Items – Things like candles, batteries, and other household items, restock those as necessary. Paper towels and other paper goods get restocked after the holidays, as well. Like most busy people, no one has time for extra shopping trips. I like to stock up on certain items that I use all the time.


Kitchen Pantry Items – This area is hardworking during the holidays, so this area definitely needs some attention in January. Restocking pantry staples can be easy with everything organized and labeled in your pantry or kitchen. I use clear containers for items so that I can see things easily.

Add rich color.


Holiday Serving Items – After holiday use, put these items back in storage. I often use large serving trays, antique punch bowls, or crystal serving trays for holiday parties during the holidays. These items will get stored until the next gathering. Tablecloths and other holiday linens are washed and stored as well.


Christmas and holiday decor- I store a large amount of holiday decor, so for me, this area needs a lot of attention in January. Even a few bins of holiday decor can get unruly fast, so make sure everything is in the right place, cleaned, and organized before you store things away until next year. In this area, I use clear bins as well. Everything is labeled so I can find it easily. This year, since I moved and then immediately launched into holiday decorating mode, this area needs a little more attention than usual.

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