Decorating Your Home For The Holidays Even While Your Home Is Undergoing Renovations

Renovating your home takes time, especially renovations that include custom products, finishes, and craftsmen. It’s entirely possible that some of your renovations might be going on during the holiday season. So how can you decorate your home and enjoy the season when parts of your home might still include items like tools and sawdust? Or a crew of Carpenters that shows up at your home.

After many years of renovating clients’ homes, and renovating some of my own homes, here are a few tips to help you enjoy the season even while you are in the middle of renovating.

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Plan your renovation with as much lead time as possible. This will allow you to avoid busy times of the year if you, especially if you like to entertain during the holidays. This will allow you to have plenty of time to plan accordingly.

Add rich color.


Talk with your renovation team to see if they could give you a few days of downtime before Christmas so that you can prepare for the big day. Although renovation schedules are sometimes set months in advance, those few days before the holiday might allow for that extra time you need. Especially since many vendors close down and your team could be waiting for product deliveries, they might enjoy these few extra days to pause, if needed.


Avoid decorating in the hot zone of your renovation. Although crews do their best to contain and clean these areas daily, there will still be tools and building materials in these areas. Make the best of it. Choose an area of the home that is not undergoing renovation and think out of the box as far as decorating that area. If you always set up your Christmas tree in the living room, try setting it up in an adjacent room or the family room, or even the kitchen if you have room. Shaking things up a bit can create some great design results when it comes to decorating for the holidays

Add rich color.


Ask your designer for help planning and installing your Christmas Decor. There have been many times I have assisted clients with their Christmas Decor, when their home is under construction. With the additional help from a professional, even a home under construction can be transformed into a winter wonderland for the holidays.

When renovating during the holiday season, some clients just choose to go with it, enjoying the extra activity in the home. Having carpenters in the home during the holiday season also means that you could get little help eating those holiday treats should you desire.

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