Planning Your Outdoor Holiday Decor

Planning Your Outdoor Holiday Decor

Planning Your Outdoor Holiday Decor

The most important thing to think about when it comes to outside decor is timing and planning.

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Decorate early.

As the weather here in New England changes rapidly, especially this time of year, I always try to strategically time my outdoor Christmas decorating.

Add rich color.

For me, that means before the first snow. This way, all of my trademark hot pink extension cords are covered with a beautiful white dusting of the perfect first snow.

But some years, we get surprised with a blizzard blast of a foot of not so fluffy snow, and I am left balancing on ladders perched on top icy snow mounds just to hang my window wreaths.

Yes, I could have my crew assist with this project as we do with client homes, but I choose to tackle this myself most years as our schedules are pretty tight this time of year.

I have learned that I must spring into action with this task. Decorating early also allows me to enjoy my outside decorations for as long as possible.

If you live in the south, where I spent my childhood, the outdoor decor is crucial if you use live greens or wreaths because of the heat.

Of course, with artificial decorations and lights, this isn’t as important. So, just like my overall plan for my inside decor, I plan for my outdoor decor.

Add rich color.


I unpack all of my decorating items, prepare what I will use, and gather all the things I need to install, extension cords, wire, ladders, hooks, hardware, and decide what live greenery is necessary.


Recruit the whole family and start your outdoor Christmas decoration as soon as possible you will be ready to concentrate on your indoor decor.

Add rich color.

Here are a few tips

1. Think through your installation, what tools, items, and pieces you will need.

2. Review your decor plan with your outlet placement, be sure you have the proper extension cords or outlets to meet your requirements. If not, revise your plans before installing everything and find yourself on top of a ladder.

3. Safety First- know how many strands of lights you can string together safely, and be sure you have a safe ladder and some ladder skills before you attempt any outdoor decorating tasks.

4. Prep all of your decorations while inside your warm home to ready everything to go. Preparation will minimize time out in the cold and time on a ladder.

5. Test all of your lights before installing them. Even a brand new set of lights can be frustrating when some or all of the bulbs do not work.

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