One of our latest Kitchen Transformations!

What happens when you have an old 1700s home badly in need of a  new kitchen, and a lovely energetic client who says she loves color? Well, today I can finally show you the results of this design and renovation product project.
Add rich color.

This kitchen area was an addition to this circa 1700s home, it had been renovated decades ago. and certainly in need of a complete overhaul when my client recently purchased this home.

The previous addition consisted of the kitchen and a room above the kitchen, my client did not want to lose the room above the kitchen as it gave her a much-needed workroom. So I had to design the kitchen based on the current kitchen’s ceiling height. 3 different ceiling heights actually. My clients also had just purchased new appliances and wanted to include them in the newly designed space.

Do you remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy steps out into a world filled with color? That’s the type of transformation I envisioned when I first stepped into this dark dreary kitchen. The space was badly in need of light, storage, improved functionality, and of course color. This space also needed a focal point that would draw attention away from the low ceiling heights.

Add rich color.

So after learning a little more about my client’s likes and dislikes I went to work designing the new space. Knowing that my client likes color and mentioned that she likes checkerboard floors I decided that a Tile floor would not be right for the edge of this house. But a hand-painted maple checkered board floor, perfect. Luckily my client loves the idea of a painted floor, especially knowing that several coats of polyurethane would protect the beautiful paintwork. I chose a beautiful right royal blue for the floor and repeated this color on some of the cabinetry the rest of the cabinetry was painted a gleaming white. Everything from the countertop wall color and backsplash tile was chosen to compliment the rich royal blue hues. I sized the checkerboard pattern so that it was just the right scale for this long room. This was just the focal point that we needed for the space as it also drew attention away from our lower ceilings.

Add rich color.

My team did their best to unify the ceiling heights within the confines of the existing space. With a home built in the 1700s, most of my team’s effort was spent on tearing out rotted wood, remains from old fires, new electrical and plumbing work, and of course, the real work came with the painting of this beautiful new maple floor. This can be a tedious project, much time is spent laying out the grid pattern and painting each color. Seeing this floor in person, it’s a real showstopper. Since this floor is wood it will eventually show some wear and tear but my clients are fine with that since they know the house at this age might’ve had a similar patina that will just enhance the look of the 1700s home.

I’m so happy with the results of this project
Check out the video to see the transformation of this space!
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My client is so happy with the results of this project :

“We are the new-ish owners of a 1748 Georgian Colonial, which is in need of a long-term plan of renovation/upkeep.  The one thing we knew would be first on our list was the kitchen renovation, as it was last renovated around 1984, and had the appliances to prove it.  This is actually how Gia came into the picture.  We had bought a new oven and refrigerator from a big-box store, thinking of doing a make-do upgrade, and learned that the owners in the ’80s had installed the appliances before the cabinets.  There was no physical way for an oven or refrigerator to pass in or out of the narrow passthrough between the oven and chimney!  We realized that we were going to need to do a LOT more, and wanted someone who wouldn’t take the old charm out of the house, but also would be able to deal with a space so old the gas lines were still on the outside of the house, and not a single right angle to be found. We engaged Gia and she and her crew truly understood what we wanted to do -something that would fit in with the rest of the old house, but be functional and not museum-y.  Once I mentioned that I liked checkerboard floors, she asked “do you like blue?” we were off and running!

One of our latest Kitchen Transformations!

Gia’s original concepts were spot-on with our aesthetic and our love of cooking, and still took the eccentricities of the house in into consideration.  The crew was with us through the 2021 part of the pandemic and were super careful and thoughtful throughout.

As with any really old space, there were new findings and lots of ad hoc side projects, and nothing phased the team: walls that dipped in in the middle which caused cabinet and countertop fitting issues, floors with a 4″ height variance in different locations, and the chimney.  Oh the chimney…

The first part of the primary demo was the crew removing an old chimney-to-nowhere that was in the dead center of the kitchen and the upstairs but had been encased for decades.  Once it was gone and some of the ceilings ripped out, we found out that at some point, there had been a chimney fire and the damage to the beams and ceiling had simply been covered up over the years -and never repaired.  Gia and her team took on everything our house threw at them and made it beautiful and gorgeous while still keeping the timeless charm of the space.  We’ve already decided on our next projects with them, as we honestly feel that this house is a partnership -Gia, Ivan, and the crew truly want what’s best for the house, and we trust them to help us ensure that it will be here for generations to come.”


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