Fall Decorating Tips

The first few weeks of September start to usher in the first signs of early fall here in New England. We start to Envision the changes in the fall landscape as we begin the search for brightly colored chrysanthemums, beautifully shaped pumpkins, and the first official pumpkin coffee. Or maybe that’s just me? Either way, it doesn’t take much to really bring a touch of autumn into your decor outside your home and inside your home. Here are a few easy ways to weave autumn into your Decor.

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Add rich color.


Think out of the box when it comes to color, those beautifully shaped pumpkins also come in white or pale greens and blues. Or can be painted just about any color to enhance your Decor. So don’t feel tied to adding orange to your home in the fall if it doesn’t work well for your home. In my own home, a grouping of blue and white velvet and chinoiserie pumpkins and a grouping of pink glass pumpkins complements my home much better than traditional fall colors. Choose colors that work for your home.


Add a beautiful front door wreath, even if this is the only thing that you place outdoors it can really change the look of your home for the season. Beautifully colored ribbon and a mix of florals can be all it takes for a beautiful front door wreath.


Add natural materials! Adding a bit of texture to the inside of your home can create a warm change in your spaces reflecting the change of season. Add flower arrangements with leafy or stronger textures. A grouping of pumpkin or gourds in a planter or bowl ban bring in an added touch of nature.


Add a soft fur or woven throw blanket, this will add comfort as well as texture. Adding a few accent pillows in a rich fabric can also warm up the look and feel of your spaces for the fall. Don’t be afraid to add a complementary color to your decor for the season.

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