Why We Design Custom Window Treatments For Most Of Our Design Projects

For most of our complete design projects, we design custom window treatments. Why? Because choosing custom window treatments allows you to have so many options and benefits that you don’t have when choosing pre-made window treatments.

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Add rich color.
Add rich color.


Create the perfect size. Custom window treatments can be made exactly to your specifications as far as size. That means you don’t have to work within the sizes offered in regular pre-made draperies. We can customize the size right down to the exact measurements needed for your windows, creating the best look for your windows. This is a huge benefit as it allows us to design exactly what is right for your space.


Choose the perfect fabric. Next, custom window treatments are exactly that, totally custom, so we can design window treatments with fabric that is exactly right for your space. Designers have access the thousands of decorative fabrics and can suggest only fabrics that are exactly right for your space. Choosing colors and patterns that are perfect for your room design is one of the elements that create a truly beautiful finished space in any room design project.


Adding specific decorative details. The options are limitless, with custom window treatments we can incorporate very specific custom-designed details like specific trim, decorative details, and placement of trim that are specific to your window treatment. As a designer, this gives us the ability to create something unique for each space that we design.


Superior workmanship and quality. Window treatments require a substantial investment. This is another reason to go with custom window treatments, Custom is without a doubt a higher quality product. These window treatments will last you for many years, long past the time when you would be replacing a pre-made window treatment. There’s no contest when it comes to quality custom draperies and window treatments are far superior in workmanship and quality.


Energy efficient. Custom window treatments can be designed with insulating linings or black-out, light-blocking linings, providing an extra level of energy efficiency for your home, and prolonging the life of your window treatment fabrics when it comes to sun damage and fading.


Longevity. The sky is the limit when it comes to window treatment creation, so we can create a timeless option for your windows, that can outlive any trendy pre-made window treatment option. When it comes to draperies shades, Roman shades, basically any type of window treatment, if you plan on keeping it in your space for at least five years, custom will probably be even more cost-effective as pre-made options are never quite right and I see most people replace them frequently. When you’re doing custom drapery, you have the option of having a designer’s assistance, when this is part of a large renovation project fabric and drapery are discussed and worked into the entire design scheme. This isn’t usually the case when a homeowner purchases their own drapery, as homeowners often purchase them randomly without the strategy of a well-thought-out design plan. A short time later, this homeowner realizes that they have purchased something that they are really not too excited about, and are once again purchasing window treatments, hoping to get it right.

So for the client that realizes the benefits of custom drapery, working with a designer to design custom window treatments for your home can be a great choice.

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