5 Ways To Add Personality To Your Home

So many times, homes are designed to look like they are supposed to look. A look based on how we want to present ourselves to others. Choosing that trendy tile or furniture piece because that is what everyone else is using, or because that’s what you see in the stores, and because that’s what you see on design shows.

As a designer, part of my job is to create spaces suitable for the client, the person living in the space. Everyone has different tastes, likes, and dislikes. Finding out what those are, helps me design a better space for that client. A great design should be balanced with the home, the architecture, the project budget, and the needs of other people in the household.

broken floor tile
Add rich color.

Here are a few ways that you could easily add some of your personality to your space:


Display a cherished item. Even a diehard minimalist has something they have held onto because it has meaning to them, which can be displayed in their home. This could be something passed down from a previous generation, a new item you purchased on vacation, a memorable trip, or an item you really love. Often, these items are stored in a closet, hidden under a bed, or packed away in a bin. It’s often confusing to figure out how to display these types of items. Depending on the item, there are so many creative ways to display something meaningful in your Decor. An object can be placed on the shelf, mounted on the wall, or used in a way that you perhaps never thought about using it. If you love something, try to work it into your home. If you were working with a designer, pull out any cherished piece that you might have, you might be surprised with how wonderful your cherished item can be used in your new space.


Choose new items because you love them, not just because they are trendy. Your choices should be something that you know you will like for a while. You will always find a place in your home for items that you love.


Mix old items with new items. Don’t be afraid to mix in new items with some of your existing items. The mix of old and new can create a more collected look. This works well when mixing artwork and decorative items.


Add personalized artwork. A collection of personal photos from a recent vacation or a family outing can be enlarged, grouped with other images in like colors, or done as a black and white collection for display in your home. This is a great way to personalize and enjoy viewing life’s memorable moments.


Put a personal stamp on children’s rooms. Having your child select from a well-curated group of items can help to guide them in their selections. Letting children participate in selecting room items and colors can help put their personal stamp on their surroundings.

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