The View From Your Windows

When designing a home, every little detail is important. For instance, when selecting elements for the exterior of your home, like outdoor furniture and landscaping selections, you might love the colors and how everything looks on the exterior when you are standing outside. However, when standing inside your home viewing the exterior elements from within your home, the color selections might not work well with the interior selections of your home.

If you were a client of mine, you might’ve heard me say that windows and the view from your home create artwork for your interiors, and the view from your home or room should influence what goes on inside your space. A very bold exterior view should be treated like a piece of artwork in a room as it will significantly influence your interior.

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Add rich color.

Precisely the reason why when you see the interior of a beautiful beachfront property, you often see watery pastel tones and shades of blue and white, creating a seamless field of color blending indoor and outdoor. This also expands the perception of the size of the space. That’s not to say that you can’t use a different colors scheme outside, but the overall look should be harmonious. For those of us who are not living on a beachfront property, our views might be more of a mix of greens reflecting landscaping selections, grays browns, and blacks reflecting a cityscape. What you’re trying to avoid is a jarring mismatch of color.

You could take it a step further if you want to create a seamless view from indoors and outdoors by selecting plants and flowers in colors that look great or that complement your interior color scheme. But remember everything does not need to be the same indoors and outdoors, just complementary, and that your view might change from season to season. There are no hard and fast rules. Depending on your home, view, and how much glass you have in each room, the importance of the exterior selections could vary. In large rooms with lots of glass, this could be an essential design element easily overlooked. What do you see when you look out your windows, and how does it influence the room you are standing in?

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