Choosing A Paint Color For The Front Door Of Your Home

Choosing a color for the front door of your home seems to be a decision that can cause a lot of confusion. Whether you use your front door often or not, it is still architecturally an important focal point from the exterior of your home. If you stand back and look at your home, you want the eye to be led towards the front door. So making that front door, a focal point should be your goal.

What could be complicated is how exactly to do that with the other colors and finishes going on with your home. I like to start by making sure the rest of the colors on the home have been chosen first. Then you can begin to think about that front door.

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Add rich color.

Here are a few tips:


Your front door should be the focal point of your home architecturally; this means making the garage door the same color as your front door does not work. Your eye is drawn towards the garage door since it’s so much more prominent. The front door can be different from the other doors on the exterior of your home. I feel this gives you a welcoming entry and makes the focal point on the front door as guests approach your home.


Choose all the other exterior colors first, the body of the home, the trim, any accent trim, shutters. With all these elements chosen first, you can now select a front door color that looks great with all other finishes and colors.


Choose a color that either harmonizes or contrasts the rest of your home. Either way, the intensity of that color should work well with the rest of the colors. For example, if most of your home is painted muted colors and tones, choose a contrasting color for the front door. Make sure that the intensity is also muted and similar to the rest of the tones on your home.


If you’re like me, you like to decorate your entry with wreaths and flowers and other Decor items throughout the year. Think about the colors of all those decorative items and choose a background color that will make all that stand out. I live in a brick home, and my door is a beautiful shade of turquoise green. The shade I chose complements the color of the old brick. It also makes an excellent background for all my seasonal Decor, either red in the winter or bright pinks the rest of the year. Think of everything in the front entry and how it works together.


Choose a color that makes you happy. When you drive up to your house and see a beautiful color on your front door, you’ll want to see a color that makes you happy!


Think out of the box with color. Red doors are great on certain houses, but they don’t work on every home, consider all colors and various shades and tones. Sometimes just varying the hue or the intensity of the color can create just the right shade for your front door.

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