6 Designer Tips For Creating An Outdoor Dining Space

There’s something so magical about dining outdoors. It could be enjoying breakfast or a cup of coffee on the porch in the early morning hours of the day, an afternoon cookout with family and friends, or outdoor dining under the stars. Creating an outdoor dining space can be fairly simple. However, I have some tips that can help you create an outdoor dining space with a little extra designer ambiance.

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Make your outdoor dining area a destination. Select your outdoor dining location carefully. If you have a small yard or a balcony, it can be fairly simple; you can create a cozy dining area in a small space a lot easier because of the space restrictions. You will automatically locate the furniture closer together, which will make a more intimate space. However, if you have a large yard, the tendency is to spread things out a little more, making things feel more disjointed and random. Suppose you have a large yard; you want to create distinct areas throughout the yard. For instance, for an outdoor dining area, keep the furniture and dining area furnishings in a clearly defined space. Creating a destination that you can see from across the yard, create a path to this area, and it will now function just like a room.


Create a definition for the outside dining area using architectural features. Architectural features help you to define the space. If you don’t have existing architectural features, consider adding a pergola, a gazebo, a patio, or a deck. You could also define the outdoor dining space in simple ways. Like adding an outdoor area rug, free-standing columns or garden structures, a grouping of large potted plants, large furniture groupings, or landscaping; this will help you create the bones of the outdoor space.


Choose sturdy outdoor dining furniture and consistent with the style of your home and yard. Suppose you have a formal house and yard structure. You don’t want to use super rustic primitive furnishings. You can mix styles, much like mixing styles on the interior of your home. However, more than likely, you’ll have fewer furnishings in your outdoor seating area—so less opportunity to balance out choices that are not keeping with the style of your home. If your dining area is in a covered space, you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear of the weather. However, if you don’t have a covered space, you’ll have to be more mindful of your furniture finishes as they will feel the full brunt of the sun and the harsh weather. Choose fabrics that are water repellent and have UV protection.


Bring the indoors outside. Don’t be afraid to set an outdoor dining table just like you would prepare an indoor table. Outdoor dining doesn’t mean that you always have to use plastic plates and utensils. Make your outdoor dining special by using special touches on your table. Replace the standard patio furniture cushions with custom outdoor cushions. You will have a more customized look. There are hundreds of designer fabric options that are rated for outdoor performance. This will add another layer of luxury and personality to your outdoor dining space.


Create an ambiance with accessories just like you would in an indoor space. You can use potted plants, potted trees, architectural pieces, vases, and lots of candlelight in an outdoor space. Outside lanterns and varied lighting sources can create a beautiful, layered look to your outdoor dining spaces.


Use your imagination when creating your outdoor dining space. Even if you don’t have a yard to create an outdoor dining space, simply setting up a dining table near an open door or window could help you create a unique outdoor dining experience.

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